Passion for Patient Satisfaction Fuels My Drive

Austin plastic surgeryMost people who know me recognize the drive for perfection in everything that I do.  This is a very strong character trait and can some times be a weakness as my staff would gladly share with you, I’m sure! I say this because I hold myself and staff to a very high standard when it comes to delivering quality patient care and excellent customer service. The drive for perfection, which I am going to rename ‘excellent patient outcomes’, is not a self-sustaining drive, but is fueled by patient satisfaction.  With this being said, the most rewarding part of my practice is truly listening to what my patients have to say and provide them with options for their specific desires in plastic surgery and skin care outcomes.  I then follow through with surgical and nonsurgical skills acquired in order to help my patients achieve their personal goals, while making a positive impact on their lives.  It is this positive impact that drives me to continue to learn, self-evaluate, and always improve on my patient care techniques in practice as a Plastic Surgeon.

I have surrounded myself with an incredible team in Austin (Karen, Hayley RN, Sreya, and Marisela) that share the same vision to create a personalized, comprehensive plastic surgery experience in which the patient’s health and well-being are foremost in the treatment plan. Together, we strive to provide exceptional care by being polite, professional and punctual with predictable results. We are partners in our patient’s overall health for life. In doing this, I feel that we easily set a higher standard of care in plastic surgery in Austin.

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    • Rocco Piazza says:

      I really appreciate you reading my blog post and for your comment Dr. Mess. I think we have to constantly evaluate the practice of plastic surgery and refine our techniques. I do this in order to make sure that my patients are satisfied and continue to be satisfied with their experiences at my office. Like you, I am sure, self-evaluation and the life-long dedication to continued education is why I chose this incredible specialty.

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