Helping You With The Finishing Touches

Sometimes diet and exercise just won’t give you the body you deserve. At The Piazza Center in Austin, Texas, practice founder Dr. Piazza performs customized body sculpting procedures that will give you the definition you crave in the safest way possible. Board-certified and a leader in the field, Dr. Piazza personally understands how important body image is for men, and possesses the unique skill set required for male body enhancement surgeries. 

The Masculine Aesthetic

Within this video presentation, Dr. Rocco Piazza delves into the captivating topic of the masculine aesthetic, shedding light on strategies to elevate one's lifestyle and enhance overall appearance.

Dr. Piazza with a male patient

Liposuction For A Balanced, Masculine Look

Liposuction is one of the most popular surgical procedures on the planet, but not all liposuction is created equal. For optimal results, the surgeon performing the liposuction needs years of experience and high-level training. This is because liposuction is much more than simply removing fat; it is a powerful way to sculpt and contour the body when done right. 

Dr. Piazza is one of the country’s leading surgeons when it comes to body sculpting for men, and he has perfected a liposculpting technique that can create natural-looking muscle definition in virtually any part of the body, such as the chest, abdomen, legs, buttocks, calves, shoulders, and arms. 

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Waistline Reshaping Is For Men Too

Dr. Piazza is an expert when it comes to contouring men's waists. Unwanted fat and skin can be removed from the torso, and it can be contoured into a slimmer, more streamlined appearance most common in youthful bodies. Scarring is minimal and well-hidden, even in a speedo. Dr. Piazza can also reuse the harvested fat to add definition to the chest, legs, arms, or other parts of the body.

Getting Rid Of Male Breasts

Do you have too much breast tissue? You’re not alone. This common condition is called gynecomastia, and many men are affected by it. Dr. Piazza can remove unwanted breast tissue and sculpt a defined, masculine chest that you would be proud to show off at the beach. Dr. Piazza uses tiny, hidden incisions to make sure nobody can tell.

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An Excellent Surgical Experience

The Piazza Center Surgical Procedures occur in the state-of-the-art surgical suites at Inspire Surgery Center, which is a fully accredited surgery center that guarantees comfort and privacy. All our patients receive top-tier anesthesia care from an expert anesthesiologist who is wholly dedicated to their needs. Dr. Piazza’s surgical team is one of the best in the country, working in harmony to safely deliver amazing results with minimal scarring and downtime. 

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Non-Surgical Body Contouring

Though surgery is incredibly effective, there are some very successful methods to shape and contour the body without a single incision. 


A revolutionary treatment that uses cooling power to freeze and destroy fat cells for good. Incredibly versatile, CoolSculpting can be used for tweaks in specific areas, or can be applied to larger swaths of the body, such as the abdomen. 


Another nonsurgical treatment that destroys fat forever, specifically under the chin. Double chins can be permanently removed with a series of Kybella injections, treating even the most stubborn cases where diet and exercise have been unsuccessful. 


Did you know that it is possible to both burn fat and build muscle, without breaking a sweat? EmSculpt Neo is a cutting-edge aesthetic treatment that does both, and in just 30 minutes. Today, life is hectic, and carving out time to exercise every day is virtually impossible for folks with families and jobs. 

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Committed To Excellence

At the Piazza Center in Austin, Texas, every aspect of care has been crafted to ensure the best possible experience. Our team tracks every patient outcome and uses that data to inform future treatment, which allows us to always be improving. If you are curious about surgical and non-surgical body sculpting, contact us today to learn more. 

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