Look Good And Feel Confident

First impressions in business and personal life are important. When you don’t feel happy with the way you look, it can be hard to start new interactions with your best foot forward. At The Piazza Center in Austin, Texas, we provide an array of services to help you look your very best so you can Live Confidently in every aspect of your life. 

Men Have Unique Aesthetic Concerns

Dr. Piazza knows just how vital it is to feel confident with your appearance. He and his hand-selected team understand that nuance is key when it comes to any cosmetic procedure, especially when it comes to gender. Men and women have differing facial anatomy, and require distinct techniques and considerations. 

What looks good on a woman may be undesirable for a man, and vice versa. At The Piazza Center, our board-certified surgeons understand how to make their male patients look naturally handsome, masculine, and physically fit.

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Chin & Jawline Contouring

A strong jaw is a hallmark of masculinity. Unfortunately, genetics stands in the way of a chiseled jaw for many men. Chin and jawline contouring can create a crisp, square jawline and distinguished chin that last the rest of your life. Using a combination of facial implants and bone manipulation, The Piazza Center surgeons can create outstanding results that look and feel completely natural.

Cheek Sculpting

Do you wish for more pronounced, masculine cheekbones? Cheek sculpting is an effective way to reach your goals. While it may seem like cheeks are a woman’s concern, the lack of definition in the mid-face can make a man’s face look bland and much less attractive than it could be. Using medical-grade implants and carefully contouring the bones of the mid-face can create well-defined cheeks that complement the rest of the face. 

Male Rhinoplasty

A sleek, handsome nose can be a perfect way to make your face look harmoniously proportional. Nose jobs are frequently done for both cosmetic and functional reasons. Men who have problems with snoring, breathing, or their sinuses are ideal candidates for a rhinoplasty. Many men come in for breathing problems or a deviated septum and elect to undergo aesthetic tweaks as well. 

Revitalize The Eyes

Aging has a negative impact on everyone, and men too can feel the negative effects age has on their careers or romantic life. Heavy bags and wrinkles can make men look tired, angry, or intimidating, even if they are nothing of the sort. Eyelid surgery and brow lifts can minimize signs of aging and open up the face, making it brighter, approachable, and more appealing. 

Together, We Can Keep You Looking Great

The Piazza Center is the destination for discerning patients who demand quality and high-touch experiences. Our patients enjoy unparalleled attention from highly-skilled surgeons and a best-in-class care team. 

The Piazza Center monitors patient outcomes carefully, using the data to maintain excellent standards of care and identify areas where we can evolve. At The Piazza Center, we will not rest until you receive a great return on your investment. To find out about facial sculpting for men, contact us to schedule a consult today.

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A Premium Anesthesia & Surgical Experience

All our surgical procedures are performed in the INSPIRE Surgical Centre in Austin, Texas. INSPIRE is an elite surgical facility designed to maintain peak discretion and comfort. Fully accredited and offering top hospital-quality care, INSPIRE is a warm, comfortable, safe, and welcoming space that is worlds away from cold, clinical surgical centers.

Every patient is carefully monitored by our dedicated Anesthesiologist, Dr. Cady, D.O. Unlike other practices that spread their anesthesiologists thin, Dr. Cady is only focused on one patient at a time, ensuring a custom anesthetic plan that prioritizes safety and comfort. 

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