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Your body is your vessel, and it deserves to be nourished and treated well. You also deserve to love the way your vessel looks; if you have prominent ears, it can be hard to feel confident and happy with your appearance. Take heart, because you are not alone. Many patients pursue otoplasty in Austin, TX at The Piazza Center to make their ears blend in, creating a more symmetrical face.

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What Is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is the surgical correction of asymmetrical, prominent, or malformed ears, and has no effect on a patient’s hearing. Dr. Piazza uses meticulous precision to gently reshape the ear or ears to seamlessly blend in with the rest of the face. Otoplasty requires subtlety, which only the most experienced, highly-trained surgeons develop. As a board-certified, experienced surgeon, Dr. Piazza has performed countless ear-shaping procedures, bringing his expertise to each patient's custom surgical plan.

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Otoplasty Is Safe For Kids

Otoplasty is a low-impact surgery and can be safely performed on children. The most common otoplasty technique performed on young patients is ear pinning, which brings the ears closer to the head when they protrude too much. 

Ear pinning is safe and quick, and can save children from schoolyard teasing. This procedure is a great way to ensure that the child never feels embarrassed or self-conscious about the way they look, giving them confidence that will last the rest of their lives. 

What Happens During Ear Surgery?

Otoplasty typically takes place under local anesthesia and takes about an hour for most adults. After the patient is comfortably situated and anesthetized, a Piazza Center board-certified surgeon makes minute incisions, either behind or in front of the ear, depending on the type of correction needed. 

Next, the surgeon carefully repositions the cartilage to create the desired look. After the manipulation of cartilage is complete, the surgeon meticulously closes the incision, using advanced techniques to ensure scarring is as minimal as possible. 

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Who Is A Candidate For Otoplasty?

Has a congenital defect or past injury made you feel self-conscious about your ears? Do you purposefully keep your hair long so you can hide your ears? If so, an otoplasty can help restore your confidence. Here are some common reasons patients seek ear surgery in Austin with Dr. Piazza:

  • Ears stick out too far from the head
  • Ears lack typical fold patterns
  • Ears differ significantly from normal anatomy
  • Ears make you hesitant to engage in social interactions

Ear Surgery Recovery

At The Piazza Center, every aspect of care is high-touch, and this includes your recovery. Our surgeons develop relationships with each patient, and deliver extensive follow-up care to ensure results are consistently fantastic. This includes clinic visits post-surgery and after the healing process is complete.

Most patients find recovery from otoplasty to be unremarkable. Each receives a customized aftercare plan tailored to their needs and lifestyle. Most patients can resume normal activities within the week. Prescription pain management may be given if appropriate. Many patients find that over-the-counter medications suffice. Physical activity and combat sports should be avoided until cleared by the surgeon. 

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Premium Care, Optimal Results

At The Piazza Center in Austin, Texas, Dr. Piazza and his carefully-selected team provide exceptional service and long-lasting results. Dr. Piazza believes that establishing a relationship with each patient is vital to ensuring great results. 

Each member of The Piazza Center team is constantly seeking ways to improve, which is why every surgical outcome is carefully recorded and studied. In addition to exclusive, world-class care, patients can rest assured that they will be more than happy with their results. To find out if an otoplasty will help you achieve your ideal look, contact The Piazza Center today to schedule a consultation.

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