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Look and feel great at any age with the suite of surgical body-sculpting procedures offered by board-certified Dr. Rocco Piazza at The Piazza Center in Austin, Texas. Dr. Piazza specializes in body contouring and has performed countless tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, liposuction, hip lifts, and waistline reshaping surgeries with stunning results. 

Body Surgery

Dr. Rocco Piazza talks about the different categories to consider with abdominal surgery such as post-pregnancy, weight loss, and male aesthetic. Abdominal surgery can provide a natural reversal of the changes that have occurred. 

Dr. Piazza examining a female patient's abdominal area

Tummy Tuck

All tummy tucks are not created equal, and Dr. Piazza is one of the few elite surgeons who has the discernment and expertise required to perform truly customized procedures. Offering mini tummy tucks, revisional tummy tucks, and revolutionary 3D tummy tucks, Dr. Piazza can revitalize your midsection and make it almost impossible for the untrained eye to know you had work done. View our tummy tuck results here.


A long-standing favorite procedure of plastic surgery patients worldwide, liposuction remains an effective and low-impact way to reduce unwanted fatty tissue and shape the body. Though liposuction may simply seem like a fat removal treatment, it is in fact, a contouring treatment that requires great technical experience and an artistic surgical eye for optimal results. View liposuction before and afters here.

Mommy Makeover

You’ve given the wonderful gift of life, and now it’s your turn to breathe some life back into your own body.  Mommy makeovers transform sagging breasts, bulging torsos, and uneven hips into contoured, trimmed, beautifully-proportioned bodies. The result is an overall balanced and restored body that will help you Live Confidently. View before and afters of our mommy makeovers here.

Waistline Reshaping

Surgical waist contouring is extremely common, and when done by an expert like Dr. Rocco Piazza, looks completely natural. Using a combination of liposuction, muscle manipulation, and judicious fatty tissue removal, Dr. Piazza can give you a narrow waist balanced by proportional hips. Waistline reshaping is versatile and can be easily customized to achieve your aesthetic goals. Our results can be seen here.

Hip Lift

Sometimes the lower body just won’t change, despite how much diet and exercise are done. The hip lift elevates and tightens the tissue of the area, gives the buttocks a pert, shapely appearance, removes rolls of fat from the back, and balances out the hips. Excess skin and fat are also removed, leaving you with a streamlined, toned body.

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A Premium Surgical Experience 

Dr. Piazza and his hand-selected team at The Piazza Center in Austin, Texas, welcome patients from all over the state and the country who seek them out for their stellar reputation in body contouring. Having trained extensively with Dr. Dennis Hammond, a world-renowned body contouring surgeon, and Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, who specializes in body contouring for men, Dr. Piazza delivers world-class results and high-touch patient care at every step of the patient’s journey. To learn how Dr. Piazza can help you achieve the silhouette of your dreams, contact The Piazza Center today to schedule a consultation. 

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