Waistline Reshaping Specialist

As we age, the waistline becomes harder and harder to manage, even if we strictly adhere to a healthful diet and consistent exercise. Whether you’re after an hourglass figure or you want a tapered, fit look, Dr. Piazza at the Piazza Center in Austin, Texas, is here to help you achieve the body of your dreams.

Waistline Reshaping For Men

A Board-certified surgeon, Dr. Piazza is one of the foremost experts in waistline reshaping and body contouring for men. Dr. Piazza himself understands how important body image is for most guys, and how tough it can be to half solid self-esteem when you feel self-conscious about your body. Building muscle and contouring the body through exercise as an adult is extremely difficult for most.

With waistline reshaping, Dr. Piazza can create a ‘cut look,’ narrowing the abdomen as it reaches the hips, like a surfer. For those more interested in a boxer’s build, Dr. Piazza can maintain an attractive sense of width while still highlighting the abdominal muscles. Dr. Piazza is also one of the few surgeons certified to perform BodyBanking procedures, which are particularly successful in creating a more masculine build.

An Alluring Silhouette For Women

Childbirth, the effects of aging on the body, and the fast-paced nature of life can transform a woman’s body over time, whether she likes it or not. Finding the time and energy to adhere to a strict diet and exercise can be almost impossible with everything else busy women have to juggle these days. Dr. Piazza has seen countless women after childbirth who wish to regain a snatched waist.

For these women, he performs waist contouring as part of a comprehensive mommy makeover, which gives their entire body an attractive refresh. Dr. Piazza can sculpt a beautiful torso that is proportional to the breasts and hips. Where Dr. Piazza stands out is that his work always looks completely natural, which he finds is a top ask from female patients.

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Finally, Feel At Home In Your Body

Dr. Piazza loves seeing the exuberance and the renewed self-confidence that patients gain after waistline reshaping. Though not everyone experiences it, each person is entitled to feel good in their body. That self-assurance that his patients start to feel once they see their results spreads into each and every aspect of their lives. 

For those seeking a feminine contour, your breast, hips, and waist will be harmoniously balanced, and you will have lovely curves that look natural. Patients who wish for a masculinized abdomen will be pleased to see their torso slimmer, leaner, and more defined.

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What Happens During Waistline Reshaping Surgery?

There is no standard way to perform waistline reshaping surgery because every patient has their own personal image goals and a unique body and medical history. Depending on the scope of correction desired, waistline reshaping can include liposuction, manipulation of the rib bones and abdominal muscles, and the trimming of excess fat and skin tissue. 

During your consultation, Dr. Piazza will inform you about the options avaiable that can help you reach your desired look, as well as explain the recovery process in detail. He will answer any questions you have, and ensure you are fully informed so that you can make a knowledgeable decision with confidence. 

Recovery From Waistline Reshaping Surgery

Since waistline shaping surgery varies so much between patients, Dr. Pizza will create a specific recovery guide tailored to your needs. In general, patients should expect to take a few weeks of work and social activities to heal. Bruising, swelling, and discomfort are to be expected, and Dr. Piazza will work with you in regards to prescription pain management. 

Strenuous activity and exercise must be avoided until Dr. Piazza gives clearance. While most patients can resume most activities in about 3-4 weeks, some may take longer. It will take several months before healing is complete. Dr. Piazza diligently tracks each patient during the recovery period, spending as much time with them as possible to ensure everything is going smoothly.

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The Piazza Center Difference

Austin native Dr. Rocco Piazza has been called to plastic surgery for most of his life, and he finds it a great privilege to be able to serve others by doing something he loves. He and his hand-selected team at The Piazza Center in Austin, Texas, work hard to deliver excellence in every aspect of the patient experience.

To ensure a consistently high level of care, they track all patient results, no matter how small. This science-driven approach also allows them to be nimble and adjust as needed when they spot opportunities to evolve. If you are interested in how Dr. Piazza and his skilled team can help you get the body you ought to have, contact The Piazza Center today to schedule a consultation. 

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