Surgery Isn’t The Only Option

Unbeknownst to many outside of the aesthetic industry, there is an array of effective and affordable treatments that can offer results comparable to surgery, especially for those who have not yet experienced significant signs of aging. At The Piazza Center in Austin, Texas, our Advanced Nurse Injectors use the following injectable treatments for a variety of concerns.

Wrinkle Relaxers

Sick of laugh lines and forehead creases? FDA-approved Wrinkle relaxers like BOTOX, Dysport, and Xeomin can make your face look years younger without sacrificing mobility. With a skilled injector like those at The Piazza Center, results look completely natural; nobody will have any idea that you had work done unless you tell them.

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A Sophisticated Approach To Aesthetics

At The Piazza Center in Austin, Texas, we offer premium care and stunning results, as do many other practices. Where we differ is our science-driven approach. For years, our team has analyzed patient outcomes and learned that a multimodal approach to non-surgical aesthetic concerns yields the best results. 

Because of our findings, every patient now undergoes a comprehensive assessment of their skin texture, bone & fat structure, and muscle tone. With this information, a customized care plan is formed that addresses each of these areas together. With this three-pronged approach, the overall outcomes are outstanding. To learn how our team can use injectables to address your aesthetic needs, schedule a consultation today.

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Non-Surgical Team

Our experienced providers are trained in a wide range of aesthetic treatments, ranging from lasers and injectables to the fine details of skin care. They are your specialized team at The Piazza Center.

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Dermal Fillers

It’s natural for skin to deflate with time, creating hollows in the cheeks, tear troughs, and temples. The Piazza Center offers a selection of gold-standard dermal fillers that can treat almost every area of the face. Like with wrinkle-relaxers, an expert hand is key; each of our Advanced Nurse Injectors knows how to subtly volumize and contour the face in ways that enhance existing beauty with no "tell." 

Collagen Stimulators

Did you know that there are dermal fillers that can actually stimulate your body into producing more collagen, even if age has naturally tapered production? FDA-approved collagen stimulators Sculptra and Radiesse are industry-standard fillers that plump and contour, and catalyze your face into rejuvenating itself. 

Liquid Rhinoplasty

Are you interested in changing your nose, but don’t feel ready to undergo surgery? Dermal fillers, when applied by a seasoned expert, like Dr. Piazza, with deep knowledge of facial anatomy, can actually change the shape of your nose without a single incision. Many patients use liquid rhinoplasty as a way to "try out" changes before committing to surgery.

Double Chin Treatment

For some of us, diet and exercise won’t do anything to get rid of that pesky double chin. Kybella is a revolutionary treatment that destroys unwanted fat cells under the chin, leaving you with a crisp, contoured jawline that doesn’t sag. Results are permanent, and downtime is nearly zero. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t!


BOTOX has long been used for aesthetic purposes, but few know that it can also cure issues like chronic migraines, teeth grinding, and hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes excessive sweating. BOTOX works by disrupting nerve signals; when used to curb extensive sweating, BOTOX can stop nerves from triggering sweat glands, providing you relief from uncontrollable sweating for 4-6 months.

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Facial Rejuvenation with Injectables

In this video, Dr. Rocco Piazza talks about the aesthetics of the face and how  skin loses radiance and light reflectivity over time, and the different procedures that bring back these factors. 

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Cocktails & Curiosity 2023

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