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Many men want to look good, and they deserve to. Having pride in one’s appearance is important for overall self-esteem. A handsome, fit, and youthful look goes a long way in both business and personal life, and more and more men are turning to plastic surgery to get their ideal bodies. At The Piazza Center in Austin, Texas, practice founder Dr. Rocco Piazza is an expert in male body contouring. 

The Masculine Aesthetic

In this video, Dr. Rocco Piazza delves into the realm of the masculine aesthetic, exploring ways to elevate both lifestyle and appearance. 

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Few Offer This Exclusive Procedure

Dr. Piazza is proud to be one of the few elite surgeons in the country who performs BodyBanking on male patients and was personally trained by the procedure creator Dr. Douglass Steinbrech. BodyBanking is a process where skilled surgeons repurpose unwanted body fat to craft a trim, muscular physique. Dr. Steinbrech’s novel technique takes the traditional liposuction/fat transfer approach to new levels by decreasing surgery time and the recovery period.

What Makes The BodyBanking Procedure Unique?

Unlike standard fat transfers, BodyBanking only harvests fat from specific areas of the body and is selective, only using fatty tissue of the same density. This careful process increases the chances of proportionate fat growth in the transplant locations, which provides a more natural look that will last long term, even if the patient experiences mild to moderate weight gain in the future.

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Contour And Definition Where You Want It Most

BodyBanking is ideal for creating a chiseled, fit look in the shoulders, pectorals, biceps, triceps, glutes, and calves. Pronounced, toned abs, either subtle or prominent, can also be created. A specific shadowing technique is utilized to make sure donor fat is distributed evenly in a way that looks and feels realistic. 

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What Happens During The Procedure?

BodyBanking requires patients to be under general anesthesia and typically takes 1-2 hours to complete. Minute incisions are made for fatty tissue to be removed via liposuction. The harvested fat is carefully purified in a centrifuge, and the incisions at the donor sites are carefully sutured. 

The recipient areas are prepped, and the purified fatty tissue is injected and meticulously contoured to achieve the desired look. Because some percentage of fatty tissue will be re-absorbed by the body, it is customary to slightly overfill recipient sites. Results will look natural and realistic. 

The Recovery Period

After an observation period, patients can return home or to their hotels accompanied by a loved one or medical aide. Bruising and swelling are to be expected and normally subside within a week or so.  Vigorous exercise should be avoided until your surgeon gives you clearance to resume. 

Each patient will receive a tailored recovery plan designed to match their lifestyle and recovery needs, which should be closely adhered to for optimal results. The Piazza Center specializes in high-touch recovery, which means that our surgeons spend significant time with patients even after healing has occurred.

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A Premium Surgical Experience

The Piazza Center conducts BodyBanking procedures in state-of-the-art surgical suites at INSPIRE Surgical Centre, which are specifically designed for discretion and comfort. In addition to excellent, accredited surgical facilities, The Piazza Center specializes in delivering the smoothest anesthesia process possible. Our surgeons partner with dedicated anesthesiologist Dr. Cady, D.O., to ensure exceptional and personalized care. 

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Expert Care And Results-Focused Treatment 

At The Piazza Center, each surgeon was carefully chosen by practice founder Dr. Rocco Piazza for their high level of experience and reputation for stellar results. Like other practices, The Piazza Center offers world-class care; however, The Piazza Center also meticulously tracks and studies each outcome, making sure that each procedure is as outstanding or better than the last. To discover whether BodyBanking could help you look cut, call our office today to schedule a consultation. 

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