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There is no substitute for loving the way you look. When you feel proud of your face, you radiate a strong sense of self that ripples into every area of your life. Your confidence is important to us here at The Piazza Center in Austin, Texas.

Facial Procedures

In this video, Dr. Rocco Piazza talks about the aesthetics of the face and how  skin loses radiance and light reflectivity over time, and the different procedures that bring back these factors. 

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Lip Shaping

Some of us are blessed with beautiful lips, and others of us aren’t. Then there are those whose lips have deflated with age. With a lip lift, we can contour your lips to make them look naturally more youthful and balanced with the rest of your facial features.


Ears that stick out or draw the eye away from your face can cause embarrassment and self-conciousness. To achieve natural-looking ears that are in harmony with the rest of your features, it takes an experienced, expert hand. Dr. Piazza provides custom otoplasty for patients, bringing his experience and fine sense of aesthetics to this precision procedure. 

Facial Lesion Excision 

Skin tags and other skin growths such as moles can appear as a natural part of aging and genetics, or from excessive sun exposure. Dr. Piazza takes a comprehensive approach to address these concerns, providing a custom procedure to return your face to its original, smooth state with expert facial lesion excision.

Facial Scar Revision

Trauma, acne and surgery can cause facial scars, distracting from your facial aesthetics and causing a lack of confidence. Dr. Piazza is unique in his field as an expert on skin treatments, taking a multipronged approach to resolving facial scars and revealing your unblemished face. Dr. Piazza specializes in skin concerns and provides first-in-class facial scar revision.

Nose Contour & Better Breathing 

Your nose is the central focus of your face, and you deserve one you like. Rhinoplasties can transform your nose or just subtly adjust its appearance. For those with snoring problems or a deviated septum, a rhinoplasty can help you breathe easier and will be available 2024.

Wrinkles And Sagging Skin

As we age, our skin becomes looser and weaker, and the underlying fat pads that provided scaffolding in our youth start to slide. To reduce the appearance of wrinkles and to correct sagging skin, we will be offering the following procedures in 2024: facelift, neck lift, cheek lift, and brow lift.

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Your Face, Your Most Visible FeatureTrust Your Face Only To The Best Of The Best

Our motto at The Piazza Center? Live Confidently. Feeling good about the face you see in the mirror is a huge part of that. And we are here to help you achieve that confidence.

When it comes to your face, it's vital to trust only an experienced expert. At The Piazza Center, you are treated by board-certifed, experienced surgeons led by Dr. Piazza, one of the leading plastic surgeons in his field. His team is hand-selected to ensure the final results you experience meet and surpass your expectations.

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Real Patients. Real Stories.Helping Our Patients to Live Confidently

Find out what it’s like to be a patient of The Piazza Center. Review the stories and “after” photos of some of the plastic surgery patients who’ve shared their experiences with us.

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