When Chi Powers decided to get breast augmentation in the Austin area after having 2 children, she and her husband started methodically researching online and created a long list of qualified plastic surgeons. She consulted with 5 other surgeons before meeting Dr. Rocco Piazza. At that point, Chi knew she wouldn’t need to meet anyone else on the list.

“When I went home,” Chi says, “the first thing I told my husband was, ‘I found my doctor.'”

After meeting with Dr. Piazza, Chi chose to get a mommy makeover. In addition to breast implants, she got a tummy tuck and liposuction of her lower back. The Austin, TX mom says she had loose abdominal skin after losing about 30 pounds following the birth of her daughter, and also had excess fat in her lower back

“He was so thorough,” Chi says of her consultation with Dr. Piazza. “He explained everything to me, brought out the before-and-after photos, showed me samples of the breast implants, and just made me feel completely at ease.”

Chi says you could tell right away “that we had the chemistry you get when you’re talking to someone who understands where you’re coming from.”

Working Together

Chi described the consultation with Dr. Piazza more as a conversation or a collaboration.

For example, she says, one of her primary aesthetic goals was to get results that would look natural. But the size of the implants she wanted was fairly large. Dr. Piazza, Chi says, explained that smaller implants would look natural and proportionate and still provide the curves she wanted.

“You have to find the right balance,” she says. “I had an idea of what I wanted and, as an experienced doctor, he knew what would work for me. So somehow we met in the middle. I’m very happy with his suggestions and how it came out.”

The overall experience couldn’t have been any better, says Chi, who still returns to The Piazza Center for non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as facials and injectable treatments. She says Dr. Piazza helped calm her nerves prior to the surgery.

“It’s a major surgery and there is some fear,” she says. “You think, ‘what if?’ But he put me at ease by explaining just how rare it is to have complications.”

Beautiful Results

Not only were there no complications, Chi says, but everyone was amazed how quickly she healed.

She was walking around by the second day after surgery, taking it easy, and feeding and bathing her children. Her daughter, now 2, was 12 months old at the time. Her son is now 6. She says one of her biggest worries before the surgery was scarring. In the past, she had a raised, keloid scar on her lip — that Dr. Piazza also corrected — and she thought that might occur again.

But Dr. Piazza’s surgical technique helped prevent keloid scars from forming.

She is in love with the results of her mommy makeover.

“It’s fun. I go shopping now and I don’t have to try on any clothes because I know they fit. I just look, find what I like, and say this is my size.”

Chi also says she enjoys returning to Dr. Piazza’s office for other treatments because she gets to reconnect with members of his staff.

“The people who work here are like family,” she says. “They genuinely care and they will do anything to help you understand the procedure you want.”

As for Dr. Piazza, Chi says she can’t say enough about not only his talent, but also his compassion and demeanor.

“He’s a good person,” she says. “There is something about someone being professional and someone being genuinely good. You’re dealing with him and he’s genuine. He cares and he really wants the best. He’s a perfectionist. It has to be good. It has to be perfect.”

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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