My path to The Piazza Center was not the normal “I’m looking for a plastic surgeon” quest.  In November of 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I met with my breast surgeon, and after consultation with her it was decided that my best course of treatment was to have a double mastectomy.  This would also mean I would need a plastic surgeon for my breast reconstruction surgeries.  I left her office with a referral to Dr. Rocco Piazza in Austin, TX.

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, there is a feeling of things not happening fast enough. In the days after my diagnosis, I wish I could say that I did my due diligence to research the team but I’m not that type of person. By the time I contacted The Piazza Center, I had overloaded myself with online research because of my diagnosis and didn’t research their office at all.

Calling and speaking with The Piazza Center’s Scheduling Coordinator, Kristen, was the first step toward becoming a patient for life with The Piazza Center.  She acknowledged my fears, concerns, and worries and gave me a great piece of advice.  I knew this was going to be my place. When choosing a place, what is important to me is how I am treated and how they make me feel. At The Piazza Center, I never felt like “just another patient.” I felt like I was with family and could put my full trust in Dr. Piazza. In addition, I felt secure that my breast surgeon would not have recommended Dr. Piazza if she didn’t respect him and his work.

Easing Her Fears

My initial consult lasted about an hour.  My husband and I met with Kristen first.  I told her how frustrated I was that I couldn’t get my surgery scheduled.  She calmed and assured me that she would have that all taken care of by the next day.  We then met with Dr. Piazza.  He explained how the reconstruction piece of the surgery worked, how he and my breast surgeon would work in tandem to give me a great outcome.  I learned all about the different types of breast implants that were available to me and received great guidance as to which would look best for me.  My husband and I were taken through my whole reconstruction process with a great deal of thoroughness so that we understood everything. There is never pressure. They give you the information and help see what can be achieved. My husband and I left for home feeling very fortunate to have Dr. Piazza and his staff on my team.

I was called by Kristen the next day with all of the dates and times of my pre-op and post-op appointments as well as the date for my double mastectomy!!

My next appointment was my pre-op that was handled by his nurse, Hayley.  This was another spectacular experience. Hayley and my husband are both from St. Louis, MO so we formed a special personal connection with her! She patiently explained everything that would happen with Dr. Piazza during my surgery.  She took the time to explain things I would feel, and what not to do after surgery.  Hayley made me feel that everyone at The Piazza Center was definitely on my team.  It may sound cliché, but the team makes you feel safe, secure and confident. They make you feel totally at ease.

When the day of surgery finally arrived, I came to St. David’s Medical Center. I was greeted by Dr. Piazza and my breast surgeon.  They both explained again what would happen.  I never felt like I was just “another” surgery.  A few moments later, I was whisked away.

Becoming a Patient for Life

I’ve had a total of four surgeries with Dr. Piazza, and from first to last, I’ve always felt how much he cared about how I looked.  Everyone in his office has had a part in my recovery.  His team knows that you are a breast cancer patient and that allows them to take an approach that is most appropriate for you.  You see, I never wanted breast augmentation surgery.  Their emails and conversations with me were tailored to that of reconstruction.  I came away with such a natural look that most people would never guess that I’ve got implants or that I went through a double mastectomy.

When asked why I recommend The Piazza Center to anyone considering plastic surgery, I have several reasons. In addition to Dr. Piazza being pretty easy on the eyes, I love how he and his staff make me feel.

I had my double mastectomy surgery over four years ago.  I’ve easily had twenty pre-, post- and follow-up appointments.  When I went to my last appointment, I felt just as important to their entire staff as I did with my first one.  Not only am I happy with surgery, but the personal interaction that I continue to have with the staff at The Piazza Center is immeasurable.

Once you’ve done whatever amount of research works for you, go with The Piazza Center because you can’t put a price on the level of care you receive from the whole team.  Every phone call, every office visit and through every surgery I was made to feel like I was the most important person to them.

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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