Acne breakouts affect people of all ages. These breakouts are painful, visible, and a source of stress and concern. If you are one of the millions who experience acne breakouts, you deserve relief. At The Piazza Center in Austin, we deliver treatments to keep your skin healthy, fresh, and smooth. 

Accutane and skin quality – we can help.

If you suffer from acne breakouts, you may be prescribed Accutane. This medication treats active acne by targeting sebum, the skin oil that can clog pores and allow the acne-causing bacteria to flourish and a blemish to erupt. These breakouts are painful, and Accutane is an effective medication, with a drawback – the skin relies on skin oils to stay healthy, and when taking this medicine, the skin can become dry and dull.  

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The journey to healthy skin at The Piazza Center

At The Piazza Center, we work closely with every patient, with a comprehensive evaluation of the skin condition. If you take Accutane or are planning to take it to treat acne, we offer skincare products to keep your skin healthy and hydrated and soothe inflammation. We can advise you on the products to use before you start your course of Accutane, or to replenish lost natural moisture to aid in your recovery, calming and hydrating the skin beautifully.

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Step one: A comprehensive facial analysis

If you are seeking a comprehensive, effective treatment for acne-damaged skin or want hydrated, supple, soft skin while taking Accutane, we can help. Our skincare specialists at The Piazza Center in Austin deliver superior care and results. It all starts with a complimentary Visia Skin Analysis to identify your unique skin issues, so we can address these issues with treatments that produce real-world improvements.

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Skincare Products

Enhance your daily skin care regimen with professional grade products. We can help personalize your routine based on your skin’s unique features.

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Correcting acne-scarred skin

If you suffer from acne breakouts, finding an effective treatment is probably at the top of your list of aesthetic concerns. We offer customized skin repair treatments to keep your skin healthy and less prone to breakouts. 

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Acne treatments for healthy, blemish-free skin.

At The Piazza Center, we offer an array of effective treatments for acne, including:


The smooth, healthy quality of your facial skin can be enhanced with custom microneedling treatments. If you have been left with uneven skin tone, darker areas of skin, or a rough skin texture, microneedling with RF will regenerate healthy skin cells, collagen, and elastin to create smoother, healthier skin.

Laser skin resurfacing

Over time, acne breakouts can leave the skin unevenly toned and textured. The use of the Sciton ProFractional and Contour TRL systems can resurface acne-damaged skin, removing layers of scarred skin while triggering natural collagen and elastin production to plump and smooth uneven, discolored areas.

Forever Clear BBL®

This FDA-approved acne treatment involves using light energy to eradicate the acne-causing bacteria deep within the pores. The treatment works with a three-step process:

  • Step one: The BLUE BBL light is applied to the skin to kill the acne-causing bacteria.
  • Step two: The YELLOW BBL light reduces inflammation and the reddened skin associated with breakouts to restore even skin tone and healthier, smoother skin.
  • Step three: To produce the most sweeping change in skin health and quality, we use the SkinTyte® KK INFRARED light energy, emitted in rapid, gentle pulses to trigger natural healing and regeneration.
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Non-Surgical Team

Our experienced providers are trained in a wide range of aesthetic treatments, ranging from lasers and injectables to the fine details of skin care. They are your specialized team at The Piazza Center.

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