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At The Piazza Center, discover the transformative power of SKINVIVE™ by Juvéderm®. This skin-enhancing treatment is designed to rejuvenate your skin, restoring its softness and moisture for refined smoothness, especially in the cheek area. Clinical trials have proven the impressive results achieved with SKINVIVE. Participants in the clinical trials saw the facial skin become more radiant, hydrated, revitalized, and healthier, with results that lasted up to six months.

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Hyaluronic acid is a standard ingredient in many moisturizers and serums. SKINVIVE incorporates a specialized hyaluronic acid (HA) to keep your skin moisturized, vibrant, and radiant. This specially designed HA ensures greater smoothness in the cheek area and helps the skin look and feel hydrated, vibrant, and refreshed.

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How does SKINVIVE work?

Hyaluronic acid augments your skin's natural hydration capabilities, enhancing moisture retention and suppleness. SKINVIVE harnesses a specialized hyaluronic acid gel formula to sustain the skin's moisture for a healthy glow. This treatment delicately infuses tiny hyaluronic acid microdroplets into the skin's dermal layer. The result? No change in the volume of your facial structure – just rejuvenated skin that radiates a healthy, natural glow.

Experience the SKINVIVE magic at The Piazza Center

Enjoy enhanced hydration to smooth your cheeks, minimize fine lines, and indulge in a lasting radiance you'll adore. You can expect up to six months of glowing skin with a customized treatment regimen. 

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What can SKINVIVE do for my look?

  • Revives the levels of hyaluronic acid that naturally diminish with age and environmental factors.
  • A deep hydration boost for a more radiant skin appearance.
  • Complements your daily skincare regimen by acting deep within the skin.
  • Offers a refreshing hydration technique for every skin shade, ensuring smoother and more hydrated cheeks.

Who is a candidate for a SKINVIVE treatment?

SKINVIVE is a groundbreaking advance in aesthetic technology designed to significantly enhance skin quality and glow without adding volume. Who is the ideal candidate? Firstly, those who find their skin parched, losing its elasticity, or missing its youthful sheen find SKINVIVE to be the ideal restorative treatment. The injections reinvigorate the skin from within, emphasizing enhanced hydration and a refined skin texture, particularly around the cheeks.

If you see the early signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles and the loss of youthful glow, SKINVIVE offers a chance to restore a fresher look. Beyond just those seeking non-surgical enhancements, individuals who've opted for surgical facial interventions can also benefit. SKINVIVE can superbly complement post-surgical treatments by refining the skin's overall quality, ensuring a luminous, hydrated complexion that further accentuates the surgically enhanced features.

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The procedure involves multiple microdroplet injections administered on each cheek by our expert injector. During your visit, we ensure your comfort.

Lidocaine, a gentle anesthetic, is in the SKINVIVE formula for a numbing effect. 

Recovery Time 

Downtime is almost nonexistent after a treatment. Just like procedures such as BOTOX or dermal fillers, Following your treatment, avoid vigorous activities such as exercise, running, cycling, or similar activities, avoid excessive sun or heat exposure, and do not consume any alcohol for 24 hours. Typically, a single session with SKINVIVE takes only 15 minutes. With minimal recovery time, SKINVIVE fits seamlessly into your regular skincare regimen.

Add SKINVIVE to your beauty regimen.

The beauty of SKINVIVE is in its adaptability. It's not a standalone treatment but a versatile component in a holistic facial rejuvenation strategy. Combining SKINVIVE with your regular BOTOX injections can significantly enhance overall results. While BOTOX addresses dynamic wrinkles and expression-induced lines, SKINVIVE replenishes the skin's hydration to keep your skin looking refreshed and healthy. When paired with filler injections, SKINVIVE enhances the results. While fillers add volume to smooth away lines or plump lips or cheeks, SKINVIVE keeps the skin radiant and supple.

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The Piazza Center difference

At The Piazza Center, we pride ourselves on a holistic approach emphasizing individualized care and innovative techniques. Our commitment to "stacking" or combination treatments, curated for the individual, distinguishes us. Recognizing that each patient presents unique skin concerns and aesthetic goals, we meticulously craft treatment regimens to integrate multiple modalities. This strategy increases the effectiveness of each treatment and reduces downtime, allowing you to experience optimal results with minimal disruptions to your daily life.

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Leading Austin skincare clinic

Our unwavering dedication to excellence extends far beyond our customized treatment plans. Armed with advanced training and state-of-the-art tools like the Visia Skin Analysis, we have firmly positioned ourselves at the forefront of skin rejuvenation in Austin. Our mission goes beyond surface-level treatments; we are passionately committed to elevating the entire patient experience, from your initial consultation to post-treatment care.

Our team is trained in Austin's most comprehensive aesthetic training program to ensure we stay at the leading edge in the latest innovations. Our professionals are trained, experienced, and certified experts who consistently hone their skills to provide our valued patients with premier medical-grade skincare solutions.

Choosing The Piazza Center means investing in an institution that views skincare as both science and art, where commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction are not just goals but the very ethos we live by. Let The Piazza Center be your partner in achieving skin that reflects your inner vitality. Experience softer, glowing skin with SKINVIVE today. 

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