Are you on Accutane? Are feeling like there is no hope to treating your dry, irritated skin?

While Accutane helps with reducing acne, it can make your skin feel very sensitive. Usually your first thought is, “moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!” Yes, you definitely want to lock in any moisture, but you can do so much more to help with the integrity of your skin as well!

At The Piazza Center in Austin, our goal is to help you feel beautiful and healthy from the inside out, and that starts with your skin. We offer a variety of medical-grade skincare products in our online store to help keep your skin glowing and fresh to help fight the drying effects of Accutane. We provide a full assessment of your skin to determine the best products that will suit your skin type and needs and will recommend the best treatment regimen for you.

Why Does Accutane Dry the Skin?

Accutane is designed to treat active acne. It targets the sebum, the oil your skin produces that can clog pores and cause acne breakouts. While Accutane works to control acne, sebum does have a role in keeping the skin healthy. It protects the skin from the damage caused by external factors, like UV, heat and cold as well as dehydration. It also maintains the suppleness of the skin.

In order to combat the drying effects of Accutane, you definitely want to lock in any moisture in your skin, which is why it is recommended to use very thick and emollient moisturizers like CeraVe Moisturizing Cream and Aquaphor. In addition to using over-the-counter moisturizing creams, I recommend some additional products to help care for your skin while you use Accutane.

My Top Recommended Medical-Grade Skincare Products  

During a time of acclimation to Accutane, these are my top 2 medical-grade skincare product recommendations I recommend you incorporate into your skincare regimen to keep your skin protected and hydrated:

1. Antioxidants for Extra Skin Protection

Skinbetter Alto Defense Serum™ is a broad-spectrum highly tested antioxidant or (Vitamin C serum) that helps the skin in a positively biological way. This means, it helps with inflammation, redness, sunburn protection and it has anti-cancer properties! Wow!

Remember, not all Vitamin C serums are created equal, which is why I highly recommend this particular one. I recommend applying this to your skin first, before applying any moisturizer.

2. Moisturizer to Strengthen the Skin’s Barrier Function

In order to keep your skin strong and supple as the barrier is being aggressively aggravated by Accutane, I recommend using a moisturizer to protect and hydrate your skin. There are many moisturizers out there recommended for Accutane but finding one that not only hydrates but calms the skin as well can be key.

ZO® Skin Health Hydrating Crème temporarily relieves symptoms of severely dry skin. It calms skin to soothe visible irritation while replenishing skin’s natural moisture to aid in skin recovery. This could not be more perfect while going through Accutane treatment!

Feedback from my patients have included, “This cream feels like a drink of water to my skin,” “It feels fluffy not tacky,” and “It moisturizes and absorbs leaving a nice glowing finish!”

These products are not only great to treat your skin while on Accutane but great to PRE-TREAT your skin before you begin Accutane! And always remember your sunscreen!

To have a full skin assessment and to determine the best treatment plan for your needs, call The Piazza Center at (512) 288-8200 or request a complimentary skincare consultation with Devon at The Piazza Center in Austin.

Devon Grisham is an Advanced Aesthetician & Skincare Consultant at The Piazza Center plastic surgery practice in Austin, TX. She focuses on improving your skin health to help you look and feel your best each day. Call  (512) 288-8200 and visit the website

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