How exactly are summer bodies made in the winter? Easy: through diligent nutritional support and a regular, effective exercise routine! Still, though, some patients may choose to get a little help from breast enhancement or body contouring procedures such as liposuction or a tummy tuck. In Austin, these are some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for improving areas that are resistant to your diligent nutrition and exercise program. Let’s look into them a bit further.

How can liposuction be used to improve the waistline?

Liposuction can remove unwanted love handles or contour away a “muffin top” along the waistline. These areas often become persistent trouble spots that do not want to go away. It is important to note that while liposuction may help provide optimal body contouring results, it should not be regarded as a substitute for weight loss or healthy lifestyle habits, as these are incredibly important when it comes to achieving optimal results and maintaining them in the long term. We recommend that our liposuction patients be at or close to their ideal body weights, with localized areas of fat that they would like to remove.

How does a tummy tuck improve abdominal contour?

A tummy tuck is a procedure that addresses the excess skin and stretch marks of the lower tummy. It also repairs damage that is caused by having children. Often, the abdominal wall is stretched out and is the reason women feel they have lost abdominal tone. This results in a round shape to the tummy and is most noticeable when bending forward. A tummy tuck can correct the laxity of the tummy wall, repair the damage cause by pregnancy, and restore the abdominal tone that is missing. This is best procedure to improve the appearance of the abdomen in the majority of patients. See tummy tuck before and after pictures in our photo gallery.

Is there a non-surgical option?

Yes! CoolSculpting® is a popular option for patients looking to target stubborn bulges of fat. These fat deposits can be resistant to proper diet and exercise, but respond well to treatments. With a wide range of treatment applicators, areas like the midsection, thighs, and even the double chin, fat can be permanently eliminated in just a few quick and painless treatments.

If you’re wondering how liposuction, tummy tuck surgery, and CoolSculpting stack up against each other, we have a quick comparison chart of the three body contouring options in a related blog post. 

If you’re in the Austin area and considering a plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure or a non-surgical option, contact us today so we can talk. You’ll be ready for bikini season in no time!

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