Do I Need a Breast Lift when Considering a Breast Augmentation?

Austin Plastic Surgeon Dr. Piazza

Dr. Rocco C. Piazza

I am often asked by patients who desire breast augmentation in Austin—‘Do I need a breast lift?’  I think this is a great question.  Oftentimes, my patients desire more fullness to the upper portion of the breast, and would like the nipple-areola complex centered over the breast mound.  A breast augmentation can achieve this if a patient has very little to ‘no’ droop to the breast.  When a patient has excess skin of the breast but deficient breast volume, she may need a breast lift.

In my Austin plastic surgery practice, there are two types of breast lifts that I use to achieve an aesthetic result and these can be done by minimizing scars on the breast.  I initiate our scar treatment protocol on all patients, which actually starts in the operating room as I am closing the skin incisions.  In August 2012, we added application of SkinMedica ‘s Scar Recovery Gel and scar taping techniques on post-operative day six.  It takes approximately 12 months for a scar to mature, but with our protocol, we are seeing scars fade around 3-6 months.  I have now added a section to my photo gallery on scars to show you examples.

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