Is a Breast Implant Always Needed with a Breast Lift?

Upper half of attractive smiling woman with arms crossed above nude breastsWomen who desire a breast lift in Austin often ask me if they need a breast implant at the same time they have a breast lift procedure. And my answer invariably depends on what my patient desires in an outcome or result. I have two questions to help women decide what they may need when considering a breast lift.

Do you desire larger breasts? If you are happy with your volume and do not desire to be larger with regard to breast size, then an implant may not be needed at all. If volume, in the form of a breast implant, is added, than the size of the breast will be bigger.

What do you desire in a breast shape? If a patient desires a fuller appearance (long-term) to the upper portion of the breast, then an implant may be the best option to shape the breast. When considering an implant that gives long-term fullness to the upper portion of the breast- the ‘gummy bear’ or form stable implant may be the best option to consider.

Regardless, it is important to understand that there are many different types of breast lift procedures. I only perform short scar breast lifts in my practice in order to minimize scarring to the breast and still create a beautiful breast shape.

If you have had a breast lift in the past, share your experience with regard to the decision of adding a breast implant at the same time in a comment below.

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