Why Does the Keller Funnel™2 Protect You and Simplify Implant Delivery in Breast Augmentation?

In 2009, the introduction of the original Keller Funnel™ refined the art of augmentation procedures. The Keller Funnel™2 is the next generation implant delivery device that provides exceptionally gentle and quick delivery of all silicone gel implants and is an absolute necessity when performing breast augmentation in Austin at my plastic surgery practice.

Here is why:

  • The clear, conical-shaped device empowers surgeons to deliver an array of prefilled breast implants with ease, while employing a No-Touch technique to reduce the risk of bacteria contaminating the surface of the implant shell.
  • The KF2 allows surgeons to easily visualize and orient the implant prior to insertion.
  • The Funnel’s interior hydrophilic coating creates a slick surface that provides a low friction interface which permits implants to easily and gently pass through the Funnel.

Why would you settle for anything less.  I have written three more detailed questions you must know and ask when choosing your surgeon for a breast augmentation.  What do you think about the Keller Funnel™2? Please write a comment below or please contact me directly via email.

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