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At our Austin plastic surgery practice, procedures for men are increasingly popular as male cosmetic enhancement—both surgical and nonsurgical—has gained acceptance. Our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rocco Piazza adapts his surgical approaches to a male patient’s unique physical and lifestyle needs.

Body Contouring Tailored to Men

A body contouring specialist, Dr. Piazza tailors treatments such as liposuction to highlight the muscular anatomy of his male patients. That means enhancing areas where augmentation would meet a patient’s goals, such as the chest. In other situations, he may use liposuction to sculpt the junctions and borders of adjacent muscle groups, creating a more balanced, natural, and masculine result.

This is Dr. Piazza’s fundamental approach to all areas of the male body, including the chest, abdomen, shoulders, back, flanks, legs, buttocks, and arms. You may also want to ask Dr. Piazza about a nonsurgical approach to body sculpting with EMSCULPT NEO®, a groundbreaking treatment that builds muscle and burns fat in a single treatment. 

BodyBanking® for Men

Dr Steinbrech

Dr. Piazza with Dr. Steinbrech

Dr. Piazza completed a fellowship with Dr. Douglas Steinbrech at The New York Institute of Male Plastic Surgery. Dr. Steinbrech created an innovative approach to male plastic surgery called BodyBanking®, specifically designed to help male patients attain their cosmetic goals. The BodyBanking procedure uses fat transfer—harvesting fat from one area of the body using liposuction and re-injecting it in another area for a natural-looking enhancement. Dr. Piazza places the fat strategically to create a sculpted appearance where it’s desired. This technique is especially useful for the shoulders, pecs, biceps, triceps, glutes, and calves.

Nonsurgical Options

Not all men need or want plastic surgery to meet their goals. Nonsurgical procedures are also popular among men, including:

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Male Body Contouring Procedures

Waistline Reshaping Treating Flanks & Abdomen

A firm, sculpted abdomen is often a goal for men who are fit but need some help shaping and defining their waistline. We offer Male Abdomen and Waistline Enhancement Surgery, aka “The Speedo® Lift,” to sculpt the male body. This procedure removes unwanted fat from the flanks and lower abdomen as well as excess skin, if present. These procedures reshape the waistline and empower self-confidence, creating a more masculine contour and slim waistline. Liposuction incisions are tiny, resulting in small, easily concealed scars which are placed to minimize visibility. If Dr. Piazza removes excess skin, he strategically places incisions low across the waistline so they are hidden with swim trucks or even a Speedo!

Fat removed with liposuction is then processed using the Revolve Fat Transfer System and is often transferred to the pectoralis, deltoid, biceps and abdominal muscles to enhance their appearance.

Male Body Sculpting With Muscle Enhancement

This option involves removing unwanted fat with liposuction and redistributing it into muscles with fat transfer to enhance their shape and size with masculine edge. Dr. Piazza often enhances the appearance of the following muscles with fat transfer: 

  • Pectoralis
  • Deltoids
  • Biceps
  • Rectus abdominus (abs)

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia Treatment)/Chest Contouring

Enlarged breasts due to excess fat or breast tissue can the male nipples and chest a feminine appearance. To sculpt the chest and create a more masculine look, we offer male breast reduction (gynecomastia surgery) with liposuction. Through tiny incisions, hidden underneath the arm and at the base of the nipple areola, Dr. Piazza suctions out fatty pockets under the skin with a liposuction cannula to contour the chest and reveal the shape of the pectoralis muscle.

Liposuction can be combined with fat transfer to the pectoralis muscle to make the pecs larger and give them masculine contours. 


As someone who leads a healthy lifestyle that includes regular workouts, Dr. Piazza understands that guys are eager to return to the gym. He encourages his male patients to gradually resume their exercise routines because active patients usually enjoy the best results. Start slowly, such as walking on a treadmill with a slight incline or pedaling a stationary bike. Avoid the high-impact exercises that focus on core and cardio—running, jumping rope, or CrossFit™-style workouts—for 6 weeks.

Isolated muscle movements in the early post-procedure period, focusing on muscle engagement with light weights and high repetitions, are acceptable.

Male Body Sculpting With Muscle Enhancement at a Glance

Goal: To remove unwanted fat and redistribute the fat into muscles to enhance their shape and size for a more masculine appearance.

Procedure: Through tiny incisions concealed in the treatment areas, fatty pockets under the skin are removed using MicroAire’s PAL® Power-Assisted Liposuction System. The removed fat is then processed with the REVOLVE™ fat transfer system to enhance muscles like the pectoralis, deltoid, biceps, and abdominals.

Anesthesia: General anesthesia
Procedure length: 2 to 4 hours (depending on number of areas treated)

Aftercare: Once the surgery is complete, the incision sites will be closed with dissolvable sutures and a small Steri-Strip, and the site is then sealed with a clear dressing. Areas contoured with liposuction will be covered with a thick foam pad and then wrapped in a compression garment to minimize swelling, bruising, and recovery time. The compression garment, which also helps to maintain the shape Dr. Piazza created during the procedure, will be worn over the foam pad for the first 4 to 5 days. Occasionally, small drains will be placed during surgery to remove unwanted healing fluid and allow for a faster recovery.

Recovery: Typically ranges from 1 to 2 weeks. The foam compression pads will be removed on day 4, and the bandages placed over the incisions will be removed 5 to 6 days following surgery. The compression garment will be used for the first 1 to 2 weeks.


  • Surgery
  • Day 4 to 5: Foam removal
  • Day 5 to 6: Dressing removal
  • Day 7 to 10: Return to work and social activities
  • 3 months: 80% healed
  • 6 months: 100% healed

Meet Dr. Piazza

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rocco C. Piazza looks forward to meeting with you to help you discover how you can achieve your cosmetic goals and desires.

About Dr. Piazza
Dr. Piazzas credentials Dr. Piazzas credentials

“I fundamentally believe that ‘muscle confusion,’ through a diverse exercise and weight lifting program, will take your surgical result to an entirely new level by transforming your physique over the course of the 6 months following the procedure. My own experience in fitness, competing in all-natural body building competitions, triathlons, swim races and as a group fitness cycling instructor gives me a unique perspective when taking care of my male patients.”–Dr. Rocco Piazza

To consult with Dr. Piazza about procedures for men, you can request an in-person or virtual consultation using our online form, or call our office at (512) 288-8200 and one of our helpful staff members will schedule your appointment.

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