Here at The Piazza Center for Plastic Surgery and Advanced Skin Care in Austin, TX, we are focused on providing the best services and treatments for each patient.

With so many options, you may be wondering which laser is right for you. We offer both MOXI and HALO laser skin resurfacing treatments at our Austin plastic surgery practice. Depending on your goals and skincare needs, we will recommend a customized laser skin resurfacing treatment to suit your needs.

Please request a consultation or call (512) 288-8200MOXI™[/link] is a non-ablative laser, which means it does not create an open wound in the skin. MOXI uses a random fractionated pattern at a specific strength to distribute microscopic depots of laser energy on the skin surface. This results in no actual open wound. But it creates a MEND that is a microscopic epidermal tissue response that really brightens the skin. This is like “lightly” aerating a lawn.

The HALO™ Laser is a hybrid of ablative and non-ablative wavelengths, and penetrates deeper into the skin than MOXI.  It also uses a fractionated pattern at specific strengths that create MENDs. The HALO has one laser wavelength that goes deeper to treat damage at the dermal level and one that treats at the surface of the skin. This would be more like aggressively “aerating” the lawn. We can customize HALO to each patient’s specific needs.

What Does MOXI Treat?

MOXI Candidates

MOXI is the ultimate “lunch break” laser skin resurfacing procedure for men and women in Austin that is great for those looking to prevent minimal signs of aging or improve sun damage. It is safe on all skin types. This revolutionary laser is becoming the “go to” treatment for melasma as it does not produce high amounts of heat that can trigger hyperpigmentation associated with melasma.

Does MOXI Require Downtime?

It has a minimal recovery period that requires little to no downtime. You will experience some redness and warming of the treated area for approximately 3-4 days after a MOXI treatment. 

What Are the Expected Outcomes of MOXI?

You will notice a healthy glow to your skin after the MOXI. This is a minimally invasive treatment designed to improve early signs of aging, so you will not see a dramatic improvement after MOXI. It is great for maintaining youthful skin.

HALO Candidates

The HALO laser treats sun damage, fine lines, deeper wrinkles and pores in men and women of all ages. In addition to what MOXI can do, HALO can also target skin lesions, scars, facial redness and small veins.

Does HALO Require Downtime?

HALO has a slightly longer recovery period than MOXI. Since this treatment can be tunable to the patient’s specific concerns and has the ability to be more ablative, the downtime for HALO is approximately 5-7 days. During this time, patients can resume their normal routines and wear light makeup.

What Are the Expected Outcomes of HALO?

After a HALO laser treatment at our Austin plastic surgery practice, you will see significantly improved tone, skin texture, and a decreased appearance of scars and dark spots in as little as 10 days.

How Do I Choose the Right Laser for My Needs?

MOXI is a great way to treat small areas of concern, including texture, fine lines, and wrinkles, or prevent skin damage and signs of aging before they occur.  A good rule of thumb is if the condition of your skin reflects your age, then the MOXI laser is for you.

MOXI will maintain your skin and help to prevent further damage.  It is safe for all skin types.

HALO is the best option to reverse damage from years of sun exposure and premature aging. If you feel your skin is looking older than your age. this is the right treatment for you.  The HALO laser targets the skin at a deeper level than MOXI. The extra downtime from HALO laser treatments is well worth the benefits it offers for repairing damaged skin.

Our team of advanced laser experts at The Piazza Center in Austin are highly trained to help guide you towards the right treatment. During your consultation, we will perform a VISIA® Skin Analysis. VISIA is the best way for us to determine which treatment is right for your skin. Using the results from your VISIA analysis, we will recommend the best treatment option for your needs.


The bottom line is, we recommend you look at what your skin concerns are, what you want to treat, what your expected outcomes are, and how much downtime you can afford so that you can make the best decision to suit your aesthetic needs.

Can HALO and MOXI Be Combined with Other Treatments?

Absolutely! HALO and MOXI treatments can both be combined with Forever Young BBL and BBL HERO laser skin resurfacing the same day, in fact we highly recommend it. We recommend waiting 2 weeks before or after your HALO or MOXI laser skin treatment to have Dermal Filler injections.

How Many MOXI and HALO Treatments Will I Need? And How Often?

For preventing signs of aging, at The Piazza Center, we recommend a series of 3 MOXI treatments per year.

For mild-to-moderate sun damage and addressing fine lines and wrinkles, we recommend 1 HALO treatment per year.

What Areas Can Be Treated with MOXI and HALO?

The face, neck, and chest can be treated with both MOXI and HALO lasers. Other body areas can also be treated. We recommend you schedule a consultation with one of our expert providers to learn more about your treatment options.

How Much Does a HALO or MOXI Treatment Cost?

At The Piazza Center in Austin, HALO laser treatments range in cost from $1500 for full face to $2700 for face, neck, and chest.

MOXI laser treatment packages include a series of 3 treatments priced at $1800.   

Do MOXI and HALO Treatments Hurt?

MOXI is a very mild laser treatment that does not hurt. During a MOXI treatment, you may feel a slight prickling sensation on the treated area.  Topical numbing cream can be used, but for most MOXI treatments, it is considered a very tolerable procedure that doesn’t require numbing.

HALO laser patients often report feeling mild to moderate heat with a tingling sensation in the treated area.  We apply a topical numbing cream before the treatment to reduce discomfort. During treatment, most patients have expressed that they feel no discomfort, with some reporting mild discomfort. After your HALO treatment, we apply cold air or ice packs to calm the warming feeling on the treated area.

At The Piazza Center, we also offer Pro-Nox to HALO patients if they want additional relief during treatment. Pro-Nox is a patient-controlled 50/50 mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Pro-Nox helps minimize anxiety and discomfort associated with nonsurgical treatments such as HALO laser skin resurfacing.  Patient who choose to use Pro-Nox may drive themselves to and from their appointment.

The Piazza Center team performs more Sciton laser treatments than any other laser skin team in the Austin, TX area. We provide safety and excellence in everything we do. Please contact us at (512) 288-8200 or request an in-person or virtual consultation online with a free VISIA skin analysis today.

Alison Kothman, RN, BSN is a nurse injector at The Piazza Center plastic surgery practice in Austin, TX. She customizes aesthetic treatments for her patients to ensure they look and feel their best. Call (512) 288-8200 and visit the website

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