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Category Archives: Facelift

Types of Facelift: SMAS Facelift

Actual facelift patient sitting and posing in Austin, TX

SMAS stands for “Superficial Musculo Aponeurotic System.” This is known as the “muscle layer” of the face, which is a thin layer of muscle and fibrous bands that cover the muscles and deep fat pads of the face. The SMAS extends from the very top of the head down to the bottom of the neck. …

Types of Facelift: Deep Plane Facelift

Actual facelift patient looking away and smiling in Austin, TX

A deep plane facelift is one of the most advanced facelift techniques available. It is a step beyond the SMAS facelift because the cheek ligament is also released during surgery, allowing for the cheek fat pad (malar fat pad) to be lifted into its more youthful position and improve the appearance of the midface. Like …

Types of Facelift: MACS Lift or Short Scar Facelift/ S-Lift

Actual facelift patient standing in profile view in front of picture window in Austin, TX

  MACS stands for “Minimal Access Cranial Suspension.” This type of facelift surgery requires the placement of sutures in strategic places to tighten the SMAS layer with minimal scarring. This technique was developed in the early 2000s and is often a good choice for patients who desire facial rejuvenation in the cheek and jowl region. …

Types of Facelift: Mini Lift (Mini Facelift)

Actual facelift patient looking away and smiling in Austin, TX

The Mini Lift is a less-invasive facelift technique that is appropriate for only certain patients. A Mini Lift has traditionally been described by many surgeons as a “skin only” facelift. This procedure is known by several different names – “Weekend Facelift,” “Lunchtime Facelift,” and “Lifestyle Lift.” At his Austin plastic surgery practice, Dr. Antunes does …

Types of Facelift: A Guide to Determine Which One Is Best for You

Actual facelift patient standing in profile view in front of picture window in Austin, TX

  Although injectable fillers (synthetic dermal fillers or fat injections) have a very important place in facial rejuvenation, any technique that only adds volume to the face is not necessarily a “lift.” That being said, commonly these procedures will complement each other when creating an improved result. Facelift procedures involve an incision around the ear …

FaceTime Facelift: Is FaceTime Leading to More BOTOX® and Fillers?

I was FaceTiming with my 4-year-old niece the other day talking about her school day in a sweet and innocent conversation.  While I was doing so, I became intensely focused on the contour of my lower eyelids, jawline, and neck.  Obviously, the camera angle makes a significant difference on how this contour can appear.  I …

Combining Breast and Tummy Tuck Procedures: Is it Safe?

tummy tuck

Two of the most common areas that my female patients want to address are both the breast and tummy areas with a breast enhancement (augmentation or breast lift) and tummy tuck procedure. In Austin, the majority of my patients that come to see me feel that they have plateaued when it comes to improved body …

Turkey Day Doesn’t Have to Mean “Turkey Neck”

The turkey is an ever-popular symbol of the Thanksgiving holiday, but can we all agree that the bird itself will never win a beauty contest? One of its most identifying features is the loose-hanging clump of skin on the neck or the “wattle.” Many of us humans have developed our own variation of a turkey …