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Breast Augmentation for Active Women

Breast augmentation for active women in Austin, TX

As a board-certified plastic surgeon and breast augmentation specialist in Austin, TX, I see many women who are interested in getting breast implants, but want to avoid a lengthy recovery period. I have developed a technique I call the Active Augmentation to give patients fuller, natural-looking breasts with minimal downtime after surgery.


Enhance the appearance of the breasts using Natrelle INSPIRA® SoftTouch smooth, round, silicone gel breast implants to gently increase the size of the breasts while creating a natural shape and minimizing the impact on athletic activities.


Incisions are hidden underneath the breast in the fold. The incisions typically heal extremely well and over time become nearly invisible. I adhere to the “no-touch” technique utilizing a Keller Funnel® to place the implant in the breast.


General anesthesia using a laryngeal mask airway (LMA) to provide a smooth surgical experience.

Procedure length:

The procedure takes less than 1 hour to complete.


The incisions are closed in multiple layers using dissolvable sutures. We will clip one suture in the office approximately 6 days after surgery. The incision will also be covered with a Steri-Strip™ and a clear plastic dressing called Tegaderm™, which will stay in place until your first follow-up visit. This will also allow you to shower the day of surgery.


During the first few days after breast augmentation, the patient will experience some chest pressure or tightness in the breasts. Most patients recover very well with acetaminophen and ibuprofen, both over-the-counter medications.  Most patients will return to work around 3 to 4 days after surgery and are back to full activities without restrictions at 6 weeks. Bruising is uncommon with this procedure, but can sometimes be visible on the sides of the breast where anesthetic medication was injected.

Timeline After Active Augmentation Surgery

  • 80% HEALED: 6 weeks
  • 100% HEALED: 3 months

To see actual before & after photos of some of my patients, visit my online breast augmentation photo gallery. If you want to learn more about this innovative breast augmentation technique, contact us online to request a consultation with me in Austin, TX, or call (512) 288-8200.

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