Hands down the most frequently asked questions we hear about breast augmentation are related to cost. Whether requesting a consultation online, scouring RealSelf for answers, or visiting the office, our Austin patients are always curious to learn how their wallet will be impacted by their procedure.

We certainly can’t blame them. Any cosmetic procedure or treatment, whether it be breast augmentation or CoolSculpting® comes at a price, but as our patients would agree, the price is well worth it.

When it comes to breast augmentation, there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” pricing (and if a plastic surgeon tells you this, you should consider a different doctor). While we cannot speak to the pricing of other practices here in the Austin area, breast implants at The Piazza Center average around $5,500 to $6,000 for saline and $7,000 to $8,500 for silicone. These price ranges are approximate, as pricing is influenced by individual treatment plans and preferences.

Having a difficult time seeing past the dollar sign? You’re not alone. However, the smartest, price-conscious patient doesn’t ask: “How much?” But instead asks: “What is included in the cost?”

At The Piazza Center, you get what you pay for. And what you pay for is this:

  • Experience. As a plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation, Dr. Piazza has built a reputation for consistent and predictable outcomes. In addition, he has more experience with anatomically shaped breast implants than any other surgeon in Austin. Recently, Dr. Piazza even traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to expand his technical experience with the advanced “gummy bear” implants.
  • Enhanced safety and comfort. Piazza’s technique requires less time spent in the operating room, providing a safer, more comfortable patient experience. In addition, patients do not require narcotics or muscle relaxers following their procedure. This means a faster recovery, without feeling lethargic and/or suffering from constipation.
  • A superior level of attentiveness and care. Our staff is dedicated to achieving impeccable results, while considering the patient’s overall well- being. To ensure that the patient is healthy, happy, and loving their results, we provide 4 years of extensive post-operative care. Yes, you read that correctly, 4 years of follow-up.
  • A dedication to healing. Pre-operative and post-operative VitaMedica® supplements are given to optimize the surgical experience and ensure the best outcome possible. Dr. Piazza provides his post-operative scar protocol, which includes Skinmedica® TNS Recovery Complex, Scar Recovery Gel, and detailed instructions to most effectively minimize scarring for every patient.

It’s no mystery that our approach to patient care is what sets us apart. Patients should keep this in mind when looking for a plastic surgeon, as well as their budget. Still, the best way to learn about pricing is to come in for a consultation. Contact us today, and we’ll schedule your appointment!

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