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Cheek Lift

In Austin, Texas, the cheek lift, also called a midface lift, is a cosmetic procedure that Dr. Marcelo Antunes performs to elevate and tighten the cheeks and tissues of the midface to restore a natural and youthful “heart-shape” to the face. The tissue is repositioned back over the cheekbones, restoring a more youthful appearance. Cheek lifts minimize the nasolabial creases (the lines that look like parentheses around the mouth) while also lifting the corners of the mouth for a more inviting appearance. This procedure is also excellent for smoothing out the skin under the eyes to restore a more alert and restful appearance. Although not for everyone, the midface lift can dramatically improve the overall appearance and contour of the middle-third of the face.

Can You Benefit from a Cheek Lift?

When considering cheek lift surgery, it’s important to understand that as we age, cheek tissue drifts downward and stretches the lower eyelids as it goes. Cheek lift procedures effectively address this concern by lifting the cheek tissue back where it should be to relieve the strain and pressure on the skin of the lower lids. This in turn produces a more youthful and rested appearance enjoyed by all who undergo cheek lift surgery.

Why Choose a Facial Plastic Surgery Specialist?

Preparing for cheek lift surgery requires planning and a clear discussion of desired outcomes and expectations. A skilled and experienced surgeon, such as Dr. Antunes, will carefully examine your entire face, especially the relationship between the cheek and lower eyelid to determine what adjustments will provide the most natural and aesthetically appealing results. A properly executed cheek lift will always create a pleasing look between the cheek and lower eyelid that produces beauty and harmony in one’s facial features and overall appearance. Dr. Antunes takes pride in his work and provides natural, harmonious, long-lasting results.

Your Procedure

Dr. Antunes performs cheek lifts as an outpatient procedure using general anesthetic. He can perform the surgery, which takes approximately 2 hours to complete, through a variety of different approaches, such as combining it with a deep-plane facelift or through an endoscopic procedure. Dr. Antunes places small incisions where they are hidden in the hairline by the temples and at the lid margins of the lower eyelids. Incisions placement is based on where the skin and tissue need the most lifting and manipulation. Once he has completed the lift, Dr. Antunes secures the skin and tissues. He may perform fat transfer (fat grafting) to restore volume to sunken areas below the eyes and on the cheeks.


Patients go home day of surgery under the care of their family or friends. Professional in-home nursing care is available upon request.

Immediately after a cheek lift with lower eyelid enhancement, you can expect swelling and numbness in the treatment area. While recovery varies with the surgical approach, it may take as long as 3 to 4 weeks for you to be ready to return to work and normal activities. Post-procedure instructions usually include plenty of rest, fluids, and keeping the head elevated, which often means sleeping in a recliner or significantly propped up in bed.

Dr. Antunes will normally see you several times during the first 2 weeks after surgery, and you will have direct access to him at all times.

Meet Dr. Antunes

Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Marcelo Antunes dedicates his practice exclusively to aesthetic procedures for the face. He can help you look your best and be confident in your appearance.

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Dr. Antunes takes great pride in helping cheek lift patients look naturally refreshed and more youthful. Request a consultation using the online form to meet personally with Dr. Antunes to discuss your concerns. You can also call The Piazza Center at (512) 288-8200 to schedule an appointment.