A Custom Cheek Lift Is Transformative

Are you unhappy with cheeks that seem deflated or displeased with deep creases between your nose and mouth? One of the earliest symptoms of aging is a loss of fat volume and skin elasticity in the mid-face. At The Piazza Center in Austin, Texas, patients come to us hoping for something that will help them look refreshed and younger. Some of these patients do not show significant signs of aging in their brow or lower face, meaning that a facelift is not the best choice. Instead, a cheek lift is ideal.

Why Would A Cheek Lift Be Necessary?

As mentioned above, some people see signs of aging in their cheek area before any other part of their face, and may not need a comprehensive surgical correction quite yet, but dermal fillers alone are no longer helping them achieve the look they want. 

Over time, fat pads that had previously rested comfortably on the upper cheek just below the eye start to lose volume and sag. This helps cause hollows and dark circles under the eyes, and gives the cheeks a loose, hangdog look. A cheek lift repositions the muscles, restoring them to a more youthful contour.

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What Happens In A Cheek Lift Procedure?

During a cheek lift, your highly-skilled Piazza Center surgeon will make small, precise incisions in the hairline and around the ears to access the muscles and tissues of the cheeks. Next, your surgeon will then carefully elevate and reposition the fat pads and ligaments of the mid-face, securing them upward in place. Once the fatty tissue, ligaments, and muscles are in the desired location, the incisions are carefully closed. 

Benefits Of A Cheek Lift

After the procedure, patients will look rested, younger, and refreshed. Cheeks will not look puffy or overfilled but rather naturally plump. Any hollows underneath the eyes will also improve significantly. Your nasolabial, or the deep lines between nose and mouth, will be smoothed out and corrected. 

 A cheek lift is less extensive than a facelift, which means the recovery process is also less intense. This procedure is also much less invasive than a facelift, which helps cut down on healing time. 

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Maintaining Your Results

Unfortunately, surgery does not stop the aging process. Improvements after the cheek lift procedure will last anywhere from 3-8 years, extending longer for some patients. In order to ensure that results stay for as long as possible, it is important to maintain a consistent at-home skincare routine, stick to a healthy diet, and exercise regularly. Often, a cheek lift is paired with dermal fillers to achieve the desired look.

At The Piazza Center, we offer both surgical and nonsurgical cheek rejuvenation treatments, and find that a comprehensive approach addressing skin tone and texture, bone structure, and muscle movement is the absolute best way to ensure results that look and feel natural. Our goal is to provide each patient with the ultimate outcomes that they desire so that they can Live Confidently.

World-Class And Results-Focused Treatment

At The Piazza Center, each surgeon was handpicked by practice founder Dr. Rocco Piazza for their high level of expertise and proven track record of stellar results. The Piazza Center offers a top-tier experience, comparable to many other plastic surgery practices. 

However, The Piazza Center also meticulously tracks and studies each outcome, ensuring that each surgery is better than the last. No other Piazza Center competitor can say the same. To discover whether a cheek lift could help you turn back the clock, call our office today to schedule a consultation. 

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