Looking For A Defined, Attractive Facial Profile?

Genetics may have blessed some of us with proportional facial features, but for everyone else, The Piazza Center in Austin, Texas, offers chin augmentations. Feeling dissatisfied with the way your face looks can have a significant negative impact on your self-esteem. Fortunately, it is possible to artfully shape the chin and make the rest of the face that much more aesthetically pleasing.

The Versatile Chin Augmentation

Most chin augmentations achieve one of two things: insertion of an implant or reshaping bone and surrounding tissue. Chin implants are typically made of medical-grade silicone and can even be custom-made if the procedure demands. Chin implants look and feel completely natural, and once they are affixed in place, they do not move. 

Mentoplasty or genioplasty is the process of surgically contouring the chin bone. This process is done very judiciously, with our seasoned plastic surgeons removing as little tissue as possible to achieve the desired look. Oftentimes the surrounding fibrous tissue is also manipulated to achieve aesthetic harmony. 

Dermal Fillers As An Alternative

Surgery is not for everyone, whether it be because of a lack of desire, health considerations, or financial constraints. Dermal fillers are a powerful tool that the highly-trained team at The Piazza Center use that can recontour the chin and jawline in remarkable ways that rival surgical results. With Dermal Fillers, changes are temporary and require routine upkeep to maintain outcomes. 

Some patients see chin augmentations with dermal fillers as a trial period before chin augmentation surgery, allowing them to get used to how their chin and jawlines could look permanently. Dermal fillers are commonly offered in med spas, but for truly proportional, attractive results, experience is key. At The Piazza Center, all our professionals have a deep knowledge of facial anatomy due to years of study and rigorous training. 

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Non-Surgical Team

Our experienced providers are trained in a wide range of aesthetic treatments, ranging from lasers and injectables to the fine details of skin care. They are your specialized team at The Piazza Center.

Meet Your Providers
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Is A Chin Augmentation Right For Me?

As time progresses, the soft tissue of your face will sag. This is caused by increased skin laxity, gravity, and looser muscle tone. Dermal Fillers are a great option, but there will come a point when their effectiveness is negligible. At this point, a surgical chin augmentation is often recommended. 

The best way to understand if a chin augmentation will help you achieve the look you desire is an in-depth consultation with a board-certified Piazza Center plastic surgeon. During the consultation, your surgeon will diligently listen to you as you share your aesthetic goals and then perform an examination of your face. Once they have a thorough understanding of your particular needs, they can determine if a chin augmentation is right for you.

What Can I Expect During Recovery?

Recovery varies based on the type of augmentation performed. Dermal fillers require no downtime, though temporary swelling and redness are common. Surgical chin augmentations require 1-2 weeks of downtime time on average and a more closely monitored healing process that includes visits with your surgeon. 

Dr. Piazza and his hand-selected team at the Piazza Center provide world-class relationship-based care that involves a high-touch recovery period. This means that patients enjoy an extensive follow-up experience with their surgeon, who not only closely monitor healing, but also measure outcomes closely to ensure excellence.

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Common Reasons For Chin Augmentation

  • You have a double chin
  • Your chin is not proportional to the rest of your facial features
  • Your nose is too prominent for your face
  • You desire a crisp, contoured chin/jawline
  • You have tried minimally-invasive treatments, but nothing has satisfied

What Results Can I Expect?

When done by a board-certified, seasoned plastic surgeon, a chin augmentation can remove years from your face. You will love your new well-defined, youthful necks and precise, crisp jaw contour. Your face will be much more aesthetically pleasing, and you will enjoy a face that has harmonious, symmetrical balance.

The rigorously-trained surgeons at The Piazza Center have performed countless successful chin augmentations, and measure the outcomes of each procedure to ensure that their work maintains the highest possible standard of quality. With our surgeons, you can count on beautiful results and an exceptional experience. 

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Innovative & Expert Care

Dr. Rocco Piazza, founder of The Piazza Center in Austin, Texas, has dedicated his life to serving others through his medical practice. The Piazza Center pays attention to every detail, from the beautiful, light-filled office, to customized treatment and recovery plans for each patient.  

Unlike the competition, The Piazza Center takes a science-driven approach, analyzing every aspect of the patient experience to maintain consistently high rates of patient happiness. To learn whether you could benefit from a chin augmentation by one of our seasoned plastic surgeons, schedule your consultation today.

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