Amazing Results, Shorter Recovery Time

Are you bothered by signs of facial aging and considering a facelift? While a facelift is the most complete surgical correction available, many patients are surprised to learn that a brow lift can give them the facial rejuvenation they seek, with a shorter recovery time. At The Piazza Center in Austin, Texas, Dr. Rocco Piazza and his hand-selected team love seeing the transformational results of a brow lift.

What Makes A Brow Lift Unique?

While both a facelift and brow lift elevate facial tissue, a brow lift focus on just the upper face, whereas a facelift addresses the mid-face as well. A brow lift corrects a drooping brow, smooths forehead lines, and makes the eyes look bigger, younger, and more vibrant. The brow lift is an extremely customizable procedure, and there are various modalities available based on the type of correction a patient desires. 

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Various Types Of Brow Lifts

Popular techniques include the endoscopic, temporal, petrichial, and coronal brow lift. The endoscopic brow lift involves three small incisions made on the scalp, and uses a tiny camera to guide the surgery. This option has no obvious scars, and is best for minor corrections. The temporal brow lift is performed through two incisions on either side of the head, and is ideal if eyebrows are a concern. 

The pretrichial brow lift is for moderate to severe cases, and requires an incision just before the hairline; this procedure can also reshape or advance the hairline as well. The coronal brow lift is very similar to the petrichial brow lift, but the incision is made behind the hairline, and useful for patients who do not need a hairline adjustment. 

Is A Brow Lift Right For Me?

Before a single surgery is scheduled, an in-depth consultation is necessary. This is an allotted time for you to meet with one of our experienced surgeons to lay out your aesthetic goals, discuss your medical history, and talk through any insecurities you have about your looks or the procedure. Once all the needed information is gathered, your surgeon will determine if a brow lift can help you achieve a younger, brighter look. Below are some common reasons to pursue a brow lift:

  • Brows are heavy or sagging
  • Moderate to advanced forehead wrinkling or frown lines
  • Drooping eyelids, wrinkling around the eyes
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Recovery From A Brow Lift

Most patients need to set aside at least a week to take it easy after a brow lift. Swelling and bruising are to be expected and will subside in a week or two. To manage discomfort, pain medication is typically prescribed for the first few days. After that, over-the-counter pain management is more than enough for the majority of patients. Many are able to resume desk work and light activity in about a week, though strenuous activity should be curbed until clearance is given by your surgeon.

What Results Can I Expect?

At the Piazza Center, we specialize in results that look natural and realistic. After a brow lift, patients will look younger and have a brighter, friendlier countenance. Wrinkles on the forehead will be dramatically reduced and, in some cases, removed. The eyes will be lifted for an attentive yet naturalistic look. Friends will remark on how good you look, but are unable to figure out what changed.

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The Piazza Center Is Constantly Evolving

What sets The Piazza Center apart from standard plastic surgery practices is the focus we place on analyzing outcomes and improving. After every procedure, our doctors perform a close assessment of the results and then use that data to perfect future treatments. 

Many plastic surgery practices are upscale, but few tie in premium service and our unique data-driven enhancement approach. To learn how Dr. Piazza and his highly qualified surgical team can rejuvenate your looks with a brow lift, contact our offices to schedule a consultation today. 

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