The Girls Through the Years: How Breasts Change in Your 20s, 30s, and 40s

Learn how your breasts change throughout the years

Let’s be honest, it’s very unlikely that your breasts look the same as they did in high school. Whether that is good or bad, one thing is for sure: The appearance of your bosom has changed and will continue to change throughout the years.

Courtesy of the female staff members of The Piazza Center in Austin, here’s a breakdown of what to expect from “your girls” over the next 3 decades and a few of the surgical options for a beautiful bust, regardless of age.While Dr. Piazza is definitely an expert in breast augmentation and other surgeries, he agreed that it would be best to let us girls take the lead on this one.

In Your 20s

In your 20s, breasts experience some big changes. Whether you’re working to drop the “freshman 15,” or conversely, settling in to a more womanly figure, weight fluctuations are common, and that will affect your breasts. During these years, many women consider breast augmentation to enhance the size and shape of breasts. For younger women, an important consideration is whether you plan to become pregnant in the near future. If you aren’t planning to have kids now or anytime soon, the procedure may be a great choice for this stage in your life. If you do want children in the next few years, you may choose to wait after pregnancy to get the surgery. Many factors can affect this choice, so speak with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

In Your 30s

In your 30s, whether you are focused on building your family or experiencing the after-effects of a recent pregnancy, it is common to experience breast size fluctuations. Stretch marks and breast drooping are not unusual either. For women who have finished having children, Dr. Piazza often recommends a breast lift in combination with a breast augmentation. This will help to enhance size and provide a more youthful overall shape.

In Your 40s

In your 40s, elasticity of skin and breast density are likely to decrease, due to perimenopause. At this stage in life, you may be a better candidate for a breast lift in conjunction with augmentation, although some patients in their 40s choose a breast lift as a stand-alone procedure. At this age, you should be getting into the routine of regular breast exams, especially for those at a high risk of breast cancer. As the years go on, this will become increasingly important.

Just as every woman has a different timeline of life’s major milestones, your breasts will age in a way that is unique to you. Regardless of your age, if you have questions about your breast enhancement options, we would love to chat. Remember, we’ve always got your back (and front).

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