Full facial balancing or rejuvenation is the idea of using a variety of injectables to restore a proportional and more youthful appearance to the face. The various tools that can be used by a highly-trained injector include several options, such as neurotoxins for wrinkle relaxation, dermal fillers, and collagen stimulators just to name a few. When these injectables are placed in different areas of the face, they can bring balance to a patient’s facial features. 

Some of the most common areas that people request to fix an asymmetry are in the cheeks, chin, and lips. However, as a provider with a trained eye, we look at the patient’s face holistically. A few things we have to assess are the underlying bone structure, the presence of fat pad decent, and skin elasticity. All of these areas contribute to how we approach full facial balancing. Focusing on and treating just one specific area of the face can lead to disproportions and an unbalanced look to the face. 

Some degree of asymmetry is normal for most people. This is what gives us all our individuality and our uniqueness. No two faces are exactly alike. Imbalances can also be caused by injury, sun damage, smoking, or even poorly placed dermal fillers. When it comes to approaching a face for full facial rejuvenation, we take all of these things into consideration. 

We not only assess a patient from the front but also, what you look like from the side profile, as this is how the world sees you. We look at the upper face, which includes the forehead, temples & brow area, the mid-face — eyes, nose, and cheeks — and the lower face, which includes lips, chin, and jawline. 

If only one area of the face is corrected and the other portions are ignored then that can throw your appearance off balance. Everyone knows that look, the one when you see a person and think, “wow, her lips are huge,” or “I can’t stop looking at how full her cheeks are.” No one comes in desiring “that look,” most people want a refreshed, natural, and restored approach. We achieve that by using all the tools in our toolbox to harmonize your facial features when performing a non-surgical liquid facelift. 

The age-defying benefits of a non-surgical liquid facelift may include minimizing expression lines and softening wrinkles, correcting hollowing of the temples & tear troughs, restoring volume in the cheeks and smile lines, hydrating & defining lips, smoothing shadows and giving more projection in the chin, and erasing jowls by giving more structure to a weak jawline. These are just some of the ways we use dermal fillers and muscle relaxers to address concerns about an aging face. 

We would be thrilled to meet you and create a customized plan for your personal facial balancing and rejuvenation. Please contact The Piazza Center at (512) 288-8200 and request an in-person or virtual consultation!

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