Breasts After Baby: 3 Questions About Implants After Pregnancy

Your options for breast augmentation at The Piazza Center in Austin

You’re having a baby! Or maybe you’re still thinking of adding a little one to your family. Both are wonderful! If you’re like many of my breast augmentation patients who are soon-to-be moms here in Austin, the thought of how pregnancy will change your body over the coming months has probably crossed your mind. The thought of how it will affect your breast implants probably has, too.

This is an important subject to consider when deciding to have the procedure during your child-bearing years. Many patients choose to wait until they have completed their families before having the procedure. However, for those who already have breast implants, it’s important to understand the ways childbearing can impact your breasts.

To help you get ready for pregnancy with implants here are 3 common questions I receive from patients at my practice.

  1. Will pregnancy affect the appearance of my implants? Maybe. As with any plastic surgery procedure, results can be affected by lifestyle factors such as weight gain and pregnancy. While pregnancy has no impact on the implant itself, changes can occur to the surrounding tissue that may alter the appearance of the breast. For women who gain a significant amount of weight, or have a significant increase in breast size with pregnancy and breastfeeding, this is more likely.
  2. How will my implants affect breastfeeding? Breastfeeding can affect the shape of the breast. But it’s important to note that this happens to many women with or without implants. While the ability to breastfeed can change after an augmentation or breast lift procedure, for the vast majority of women, breast feeding is possible following a breast augmentation.
  3. What are the corrective options available after childbirth? Good news! Regardless of the physical changes you experience, there are a wide variety of options that can correct the appearance of your implants. For those who experience sagging or drooping, a breast lift is a common option that helps regain a rounder, perkier appearance. On rare occasions, a breast revision procedure can be used to return the implant’s shape or position to what it was before pregnancy.

That pink or blue bundle in your arms is the perfect reminder that the changes your body and appearance may go through after childbirth are perfectly natural ― and worth it. If and when the time comes, we will discuss the changes in your breasts together as well as all of your options to restore the fullness and shape you desire. For now, focus on enjoying this incredible time in your life.

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