One year y’all! One. Full. Year! When I reflect over the last 12 months and try to compartmentalize them into a blog, it is almost overwhelming. There is so much excitement, information and emotions for this small amount of space. So I thought, why not just answer the most commonly asked questions that I hear from patients, friends and strangers. Ha, yes strangers, some might say that I am an open book, an oversharer if you will.

Did it hurt?

I would be lying if I said that it was nothing, just a stroll through the park on a beautiful sunny day. However, I was pleasantly surprised on how tolerable and manageable the pain really was. The most surprising sensation was the muscle tightness and stiffness of the waist, not the incision itself. I have been telling patients for years, 10-14 days of downtime and I have not been exaggerating. However, I was able to get back to catching up on emails and phone calls by day 7.  I was not ready to be back to full time work until closer to that 14 day mark. I received an A+ and a gold star on my ability to follow the post-operative instructions which did help a tremendous amount. I have had a number of surgeries in my life both cosmetic and not. One thing that I have learned is that they all fall in different places in the spectrum of pain and no one’s experiences are the same.

Don’t you feel guilty?

My favorite topic, the dreaded Mom Guilt. There is no cure or magic words that I can say to lesson or have your feeling of “mom guilt” go away. I will start off this topic by telling you my favorite story. A few years ago I took a one day course for continuing education and they had under predicted the attendance for the class. Basically there were not enough chairs for every one and some of the students would have to stand. A classroom of strangers were to decide which one of us would have to sit or stand. It was suggested by a beautiful soul that I should have a chair since I was pregnant.  It took all of my strength not to burst into tears but instead I muttered, “I am not pregnant, I will stand.” I still to this day do not remember what that class was all about but I can remember how I felt. I was angry; I was angry with the person that suggested it, I was angry with myself for letting it get to me. I had given birth to my amazing children and should never feel bad for what my body gave to have my children,  nor should I have to educate a class full of people on muscle diastasis.  In the days to follow and through the layers of Spanx, I had an awakening. It was simple, why wouldn’t I just get my tummy fixed? I deserve it and so does every mother, no shame.

How did you afford that?

Questions I asked myself… Invest in myself or my children’s education? Invest in myself or the leaking faucet? Invest in myself or save the planet? This conversation was a consistent debate in my mind without any right solution. Then it hit me, I do invest in myself and when does it become unfair or selfish? Where is that line drawn or defined? I am proud and confident in knowing that I am not a selfish person and often times provide for my family and others before myself. How can I be so confident in knowing that, but doubt investing in me?  I felt better and made it work by “moving my investments.” I downsized or eliminated regular hair appointments, unneeded Target sprees, Starbucks runs… the list continues.  Also, just think of all the money you can save on not buying Spanx! It is surprising when you actually write it down and calculate all the little things that you can do. It’s cliché but accurate, it all adds up.

Jen D

Are you happy with your new tummy?

Hell yes! It is hard to explain but the first time you put on that form fitting dress and know that what you see brings you a great feeling of “this is me”, it is all worth it. No doubts, no second guessing, I am extremely happy I did it.

Suggestions for your best recovery.

My biggest and most enormous suggestion….. OVER PREPARE YOUR NEST. It is a no-brainer that everyone should have support but make sure you prepare them and your home. Think of everything that you may need or reach for and have it at arm’s reach. Water bottle, TV remote, your phone, a box of Kleenex. Prepare meals, and make sure they are high in protein. Your body needs protein to heal. Have kids’ schedules in order and make sure the person who is helping you does not have questions about their schedules. There’s less “mom guilt” if you are prepared.  Most importantly have a full season of your favorite show ready in your queue.  Oh and one more important thing: make sure no one makes you laugh. Surprisingly, you can feel that giggle bouncing off of your new rock hard fabulous abs.

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