Facial Fillers 2.0

Close up of woman biting her lip with hair partly covering face

If you’re looking for a little something extra to gently enhance your looks this holiday season, consider coming in to see us at our Austin, TX practice for an aesthetic treatment with facial fillers. They were once intended to plump up just the cheeks and lips, but today’s fillers are more sophisticated and multi-purposed…helping better define other areas of the face, including ear lobes, nose, eyebrows, and chin.

How are facial fillers used beyond just the lips and cheeks?

We’ve all seen women with long, sagging ear lobes due to too-often worn, too-heavy chandelier earrings that stretch the skin south. Am I right?

Injectable dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM® and Restylane® can treat ear lobes to strengthen tissue and provide better support just in time for those blingy holiday baubles.

Another great area on the face for fillers is the nose. The shape of the nose was once only altered via traditional surgery known as rhinoplasty, but now “liquid” rhinoplasty is on the rise. Fillers can be injected beneath the skin of the nose then gently massaged into place softening the appearance of any harsh angles.

Fillers can also add volume to the eyebrow area for more dramatic framing around the eyes or to smooth out a too-strong brow line. Hyaluronic acid gel fillers typically work best here.

Rounding out the newest spots for facial filler enhancement is the chin.  A well-proportioned chin should anchor and balance the whole face. If having a lip lift or other lip enhancement, it’s a good idea also to consider slightly filling in the chin to match your newly plumped up pucker.

How long do injectable fillers last and what do treatment and recovery times look like?

The effects of non-surgical filler enhancements can last about one to two years, so they are perfect to “try on” without making a permanent commitment.

At The Piazza Center, we can administer these treatments quickly and conveniently .The results are immediate, and there is usually zero downtime for recovery and healing, so you can get right back to your regular schedule and merry-making for the upcoming holidays!

To schedule an appointment for a consultation with either Dr. Rocco Piazza or Dr. Marcelo Antunes, please contact us here or call (512) 288-8200.

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