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Women and men considering plastic surgery in Austin, TX, often look for reviews written by past plastic surgery patients before choosing a surgeon. These impartial reviews provide insight into the patients’ experiences at The Piazza Center and can supplement other research you may have done to find the best plastic surgeons in the Austin area.

Dr. Piazza and Dr. Antunes

Our Surgeons

Meet Our Surgeons

Our surgeons, Dr. Rocco Piazza and Dr. Marcelo Antunes, are both board‐certified and enjoy excellent reputations thanks to the results they create and the care they provide.
Dr. Piazza specializes in cosmetic breast surgery and body contouring procedures, while Dr. Antunes is a facial plastic surgery specialist.
Our surgeons are proud of the work they've done, and so are their patients.

After reading the reviews, you can request a consultation with either Dr. Piazza or Dr. Antunes using the online form. Or give our office a call at (512) 288-8200 and our friendly staff can help schedule an appointment.

Selected reviews For Dr. Rocco Piazza or Dr. Marcelo Antunes

5 Stars - March 2018

Best decision I ever made to have Dr. Piazza replace my 20-year-old implants. His office staff are wonderful to deal with and very professional. He is concerned and caring and never makes you feel rushed. After surgery, they even send you home with a goody bag of soup and comfy socks! I wouldn’t go to anyone else after finding Dr. Piazza and would highly recommend him!

Rozetta Pugh

5 Stars - January 2018

Nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Piazza and his staff. I had several procedures done at one time and the results are even better than I could have ever imagined. He is a true artist. His staff has been very attentive to all of my questions and any concerns that I have had. I would highly recommend Dr. Piazza and his staff.

Julie Cullen

5 Stars - July 2017

Most Amazing Doctor in Austin! I went to several surgeons before I saw Dr. Piazza and I always felt like just another appointment in their day. One surgeon never even made eye contact with me the entire appointment! That all changed the moment I stepped into Dr. Piazza's office. Within 5 minutes of meeting Dr. Piazza I knew that he was the right surgeon for my tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation. The care that Dr. Piazza gives his patients is unmatched by any other doctor I have seen. His staff is so kind and I never felt like just another appointment to them. They genuinely care about you and are invested in your wellbeing during the entire process. I really don't have enough words to say how much I appreciate all the things Dr. Piazza and his staff did for me. If you are trying to decide what surgeon is best for you, you absolutely need to go to Dr. Piazza for a consultation! I could not be happier with my results!

Melissa Buchanan

5 Stars - April 2017

I selected Dr. Piazza for my tummy tuck with hernia repair procedure after countless consultations with various plastic surgeons in the Austin area. Dr. Piazza was kind and sincere; he spent a great deal of time talking about the procedure and listening to my objectives. His staff was professional and genuinely nice. I am 6 weeks after surgery and absolutely amazed and delighted with the results. The entire process was wonderful. My advice is to at least consult with Dr. Piazza before you have any "procedure" done elsewhere. You will be amazed!


5 Stars - September 2017

Absolutely love The Piazza Center. A tranquil spa environment with extraordinary staff who go above and beyond to make sure all your needs are met!

Joanne Jones

5 Stars - October 2017

The employees are more like family. They truly care about my experience and results and always make me feel so comfortable.

Aurora Kendrick

5 Stars - April 2018

Dr Piazza did a chest reconstruction from damage done by a botched gynecomastia surgery I had received from another Doctor. Dr Piazza’s work is amazing! Much better than expected and am so happy I decided to go with him as my doctor. I’m still in shock that something that had made me feel so insecure for the past 10 years he fixed in 3 hours. This is the man for the job if you are shopping around for a plastic surgeon. Words can’t express how wonderful this experience has been. Thank you, Dr Piazza and Staff!

Keith Crolley

5 Stars - November 2017

I went to Dr. Piazza the first time for Breast Augmentation in 2016. I chose the Piazza Center and Dr. Piazza for a lot of reasons, but the top reasons are I loved how he took his time and explained everything step by step. He was patient with me, he encouraged me to ask questions, he took the time to learn about me and my family and made me feel at ease. He has such an amazing demeanor! He has an uncanny ability to make you feel comfortable with him and comfortable with the procedure you are having. I have so much faith in Dr. Piazza's ability and his staff that I went back this year, 2017, for liposuction and fat transfer. Again, I chose Dr. Piazza for all the reasons above but mostly because I TRUST him. I trust him to be honest, open, and professional! He makes you feel like family! I just LOVE him and his staff!!! I would recommend him to everyone and anyone who is seeking plastic surgery or advanced skin care!

T. Barrett

5 Stars - April 2017

Dr. Piazza and his staff delivered excellent customer service and I couldn't be happier with my breast augmentation procedure. I am about 6 months post op and have been thrilled with the results. I felt the entire process went very smooth from my first appointment with Megan to my most recent follow up with Dr. Piazza. Bonus! I received a dermaplaning session (I added the Hydrafacial service) and I was really happy with the results as well. I also had a great meeting with Samantha and have really enjoyed the skin care products I was recommended. Overall, I felt the staff made sure I was 100% comfortable with my procedure and follow up care. I also liked how I paid up front (12mo no interest cc offered through their website) and I don't have to worry about payments for any of the follow up visits....just convenient.

Haley Hunt

5 Stars - December 2017

One of the best choices I've made for my body in a long time. Thank you, Dr. Piazza. The staff and Dr. Piazza were very nice and knowledgeable and always went out of their way to help and answer questions to put my mind at ease even after hours once. It made me feel comfortable to be a patient under their care.

Greylynn Valentine

5 Stars – April 2018

Dr. Piazza is not only a great surgeon, but probably the best Dr. I have run across. He did implants on my wife and fixed her midsection due to extreme weight loss. The results were amazing. He took time with me after her surgery to go over everything, checked on her during recovery and even called me later that evening to check on her. He is a true artist when it comes to his work. The last part blew me away. I have never had a surgeon personally call the same day to check. If things go wrong its always at night. So getting this call in the evening was terrific. I rarely do reviews. My wife was hot before the surgery, now she is super hot.

Eric Reichley

5 Stars – November 2017

Love the place and it’s amazing staff! They are friendly and professional and make you feel like you’re one of a kind.

Farrar Strawbridge Lindner

5 Stars – May 2017

Dr. Rocco Piazza is by far the most talented Plastic Surgeon in Austin. He has a stellar team working with him and between all of them, I have had a fantastic and seamless experience. He is very professional and has a gentle, compassionate bedside manner. During my first consultation, he and his assistant, Jennifer, were very thorough in their explanations and they helped me choose the best and most appropriate options for me. From the pre-op vitamins goody bag to the post-op fuzzy socks gift bag, Dr. Piazza and his team made sure I was completely prepared for the surgery and put any fears I had at ease. It has only been two weeks since my surgery and I have felt fantastic literally since day one. Every day my results get better and better and I find myself giddy when I look in the mirror! Thank you, thank you Dr. Piazza for your miracle hands and talent...hands down you are the best!

Susan Reames Urano

5 Stars – April 2017

If anyone in Texas and needs a plastic surgeon recommendation, I highly recommend Dr. Rocco Piazza in Austin! He is so kind and held my hand through the process and answered any questions I had. He also has a great team at his plastic surgery office and at the surgery center. They provided everything I needed before my surgery from vitamins to necessary prescriptions to scar cream. My favorite part was waking up after surgery in PACU and his team gave me a goody bag to take home with fuzzy socks, jingle bells for my caretaker to hear me, post card instructions, and a thank you card from the team. For something as life changing as surgery, it's important to feel taken cared of as a patient. I've never been on this side as a patient since I am a nurse myself. Dr. Piazza and his team go above and beyond to treat each patient like gold/VIP status. I look forward to every post op visit I have with him.

Revian Chang

5 Stars – November 2016

I never liked surgery, or doctors or offices. You could say I was terrified when I went in to have a few procedures done. Today was my third post op visit and I can honestly say I ended up having the best medical service I have ever had through this process. I have never been to an office that was so professional but warm and snazzy all at the same time. Every worker there is exceptional. Dr. Piazza cured any fear of doctors or procedures I had. Best decision I have ever made. And I will definitely be going back. I wish I could give ten stars!

Courtney Walker

5 Stars – February 2018

Dr. Piazza and his whole staff are the best in Austin. They calmed my nerves and ensured me that me that my breast reconstruction after mastectomy would be safe and have excellent results. They were right! Dr. P also worked great with my breast surgeon which I believe added to the success and lessened the chance of setbacks. I'm a year past my final reconstruction surgery and ready for boating in my bikini again! Thank you!

Rachael Ahrens

5 Stars – March 2018

Dr. Piazza and staff are extremely personable, yet very professional, and strive to see you attain your goals. They offer multiple options to assist you. Whether topical or surgical, their desire is to help with whichever option you are most comfortable choosing. Highly recommend.

Gail Harvey Stampley

5 Stars – September 2016

Dr. Piazza and his staff are the best! I've never had plastic surgery before but after naturally losing 110 pounds, the excess skin needed to be addressed. From the first phone call with Megan to my first post-op appointment with Dr. Piazza and Heather yesterday, I have felt important, cared about, and safe. I can't say enough good things. The cost was reasonable, mid-range based on my research of plastic surgeons in the area, but adding in the value of Dr. P's personality, expertise, concern for his patients, and staff.... It was a bargain! Choose this team and you'll be making the right decision.

Beth Michel

5 Stars – December 2016

Dr. Piazza and his staff made me feel very comfortable and happy before, during and after my surgery with him. I would gladly go through this process again with them.

Leila Rivera

5 Stars – October 2014

I'm a breast cancer survivor. Dr Piazza is working with me on my reconstruction. He and his staff has been a blessing to me and many other breast cancer survivors, giving us back some hope by helping us feel and look like normal. They truly are miracle workers.

Veronica Cruz

5 Stars – March 2015

Dr. Piazza and his staff are the best - caring, warm, respectful and of course, very knowledgeable and skilled. It doesn't get any better.

Jean Thompson

I just want to say how thankful I am to Dr. Piazza and his entire team and everyone at the surgery center. I am home and resting and I feel wonderful! Not entirely pain free but I am very comfortable. His work is amazing! From what I can see so far- I love it!! The entire process from the first time I called to now has been seamless and comforting. Every person I encountered was so pleasant and encouraging! All of you are truly great at what you do and I am so very grateful. I also received the gift and the lovely note that everyone wrote to me and I was so touched. The socks are excellent (I'm wearing them now) :) and the hand written note was so great to read! Thank you, thank you, thank you to every one of you! You really know how to make someone feel special.*

Please pass on my thanks to Dr. Piazza, you and all of your staff for the wonderful care that you have given me the past couple of weeks. All of you have been so wonderful and I look forward to a continued relationship with you all, as I plan on using my lovely gift certificate for some Botox to correct the Grand Canyon crevasse that I have on my forehead.

As I told Dr. Piazza just before my surgery, I was nervous about the procedure but I have NEVER been nervous about the care and concern that I was getting from him and his staff. I continue to have the utmost faith in his expertise and the care that I have received from him and all of you.

Last night I looked again in the mirror and both of us were thrilled at the results that we are seeing - well bruising aside. :-) I have my waist back and that was my ultimate goal. I can't wait to go swim suit shopping in the very near future. Phil is dying to go buy me some sexy bras and lingerie again but he is waiting until we can get the size right. :-D

The only issue that I had that was very unpleasant was that I had to cough yesterday and I thought I needed to order my casket. Lordy, that hurt. But I survived. ha!

Please give my best to Dr. Piazza and all of your staff and I look forward to seeing you next week when I will have turned the corner. I just might be moving faster than Tim Conway in the old Carol Burnett shows.

Take care and have a wonderful week.

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