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HydraFacial® and Chemical Peels are the Tools You Need to Age Successfully

In creating a skin care plan, it is important to delineate short term and long-term goals.  The next step in my practice is to design a 90-day treatment plan to address short-term goals and an overall global plan addressing long-term goals.  I like to re-evaluate the progress at 90 days and make changes if needed depend on your goals.  SkinMedica® Skin Care Products are designed to improve and promote skin health on a cellular level.  Knowing this- it will take some … Continue Reading

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Moms Need to Feel Comfortable & Confident Too

A few weeks ago, I had the rare opportunity to stay home for a few hours one morning.  And while I was getting household chores done, I turned on my television and listened to one of the morning news talk shows.  There was a segment on the TODAY Show that discussed the importance of truly accepting the appearance of the female body after pregnancy.  Three mothers were featured – and each of them held up a photograph of their respective … Continue Reading

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Combining Breast and Tummy Tuck Procedures: Is it Safe?

Two of the most common areas that my female patients want to address are both the breast and tummy areas with a breast enhancement (augmentation or breast lift) and tummy tuck procedure. In Austin, the majority of my patients that come to see me feel that they have plateaued when it comes to improved body appearance with healthy dieting and regular exercise. This plateau is what often triggers a desire to seek a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss … Continue Reading

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HydraFacialMD® Advances Skin Care in Austin

HydraFacialMD I have been looking closely at what I can add to my practice to further patient care. In deciding what to add for patient care at my Austin plastic surgery practice- it was most important to me to remember my mission statement. Our vision is to create a personalized, comprehensive plastic surgery experience in which our patient’s health and well-being are foremost in the treatment plan. We strive to provide exceptional care by being polite, professional and punctual with … Continue Reading

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Fight It, Reverse It, Prevent It

I am often approached by younger patients and friends about why a skin care regimen is even needed when the skin looks healthy as it most often does in a twenty-year-old individual. It is actually quite simple—if you understand the premise that the effect of sun exposure is cumulative and manifests many years later. Basically—the more exposure you get now in the ‘twenties’- the worse the effect in our more mature years. Ask any baby-boomer about their use of sunscreens … Continue Reading

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