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The ‘GRASS’ Approach to Skin Care

One of the many questions we get when seeing a patient for a skin care consultation at our Austin practice is: “How do I prevent and reverse the signs of aging?” We have learned that, in addition to Dr. Rocco Piazza’s 4 non-negotiables and the development of specialty products like Lytera® Skin Brightening Complex, SkinMedica® has created a great acronym to help us remember the 5 main keys to creating healthy, younger-looking skin. It’s called “GRASS.” “G” for Growth Factors: … Continue Reading

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How Do Celebrity Moms Get Their Pre-Baby Body Back So Fast?

This morning, I started my day later than usual and had the rare opportunity to actually watch morning news shows.  As I flipped through the channels from CBS This Morning, to the Today Show and ultimately to GMA, there was a common topic discussed, namely celebrity news.  As a society, celebrities fascinate us.  From the morning news shows, to the grocery checkout line, we are constantly barraged with paparazzi images about the latest in celebrity fashion, body changes, and oh-so-popular … Continue Reading

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FaceTime Facelift: Is FaceTime Leading to More BOTOX® and Fillers?

I was FaceTiming with my 4-year-old niece the other day talking about her school day in a sweet and innocent conversation.  While I was doing so, I became intensely focused on the contour of my lower eyelids, jawline, and neck.  Obviously, the camera angle makes a significant difference on how this contour can appear.  I can tell you from first-hand experience, holding my iPhone below eye level yields the least favorable view.  It is amazing what an incredible difference the … Continue Reading

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The Amazing Moms of Austin

We launched a contest on Facebook earlier this month to crown one local mother as Austin’s Next Top Mom.  Here’s an excerpt from our entry form: The Piazza Center is looking for you, your friend, your sister, or even your mother to win a free transformation over 90 days. One grand prize winner will receive a non-surgical mommy makeover, inclusive of peels, fillers, BOTOX® Cosmetic, HydraFacial™, and other skin care treatments/products along with a professional headshot series by Click Chick … Continue Reading

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Do you know Austin’s Next Top Mom?

What are some of the things you think of when it comes to celebrating Mom?  In my own personal family, I think of three things…love, strength, and sacrifice.  As we approach Mother’s Day for this year, we are looking for a mom with a story, a personal journey that would make her shine as a candidate for Austin’s Next Top Mom.  What qualities do you think are important?  What motherhood journey do you think needs recognition? As stories come in … Continue Reading

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