The Perfect Pucker

Appearances can be very important in the Austin job market especially when it comes to some of the finest details—like lips.   With hyaluronic acid injectable filler, I am able to add fullness in younger patients that have never had full lips or even replace lost volume that occurs with age and maturity. What I have found with regards to lip augmentation in Austin is that most women seeking fuller, luscious lips—want a more natural appearance that does not look “overdone”.  Gertie, who is featured in this news report, put it best by saying, “I want to go back to work and not one of my co-workers notice.”  Increasingly, this is what most Austin plastic surgery patients are demanding today—and rightly so.  Non-surgical treatments, like BOTOX® Cosmetic, Injectable Fillers, Chemical Peels and Photofacials, should be quick, but thorough and performed by a well-trained individual.   Remember, there are many tools in the armamentarium of rejuvenation- but they are only as good as the operators skills who uses them.

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