Why is the ‘Gummy Bear’ Implant Gaining Popularity for Breast Augmentation in Austin?

Woman's torso with enhanced breasts wearing purple braWhy call it a ‘gummy bear’?  If you think of a gummy bear, the candy, having a defined shaped and when bitten in half, still maintains its shape- then you are well on your way to understanding the same principles that describe the ‘gummy bear’ breast implant.  These implants were developed in an attempt to mimic the natural shape of the breast.  Also known as form stable implants, they are designed to look like a teardrop, thicker at the bottom and tapered towards the top.  The silicone gel in the implant is firmer than that which is routinely found in a round implant. The gel is also made of a thicker consistency and maintains its shape even when the implant is cut in half. Thus, the term ‘gummy bear implants’ is used to describe these types of implants.

In my plastic surgery practice in Austin, I feel that form stable implants offer an excellent option for women desiring breast augmentation surgery.   By using a form stable implant, these have more of an anatomical shape mimicking the natural shape of the breast and give more fullness to the bottom of the breast. In certain women that may possibly need a breast lift due to loose breast skin after pregnancy or weight loss, the form stable implant may prevent the need for a surgical breast lift because of its unique shape.

I recently created a Gummy Bear Implant before and after photo gallery with some examples of the breast shape achieved in my patients that chose this implant for their breast augmentation procedure.  Do you feel this gives a more natural shape to the breast?  Leave a comment below.

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