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Getting the Best Rhinoplasty Results: 7 Important Factors

Getting the Best Rhinoplasty Results

Dr. Marcelo Antunes, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist in Austin, TX, understands that a number of factors go into achieving outstanding rhinoplasty results. Here are 7 of the most important ones:

1. A thorough pre-operative consultation

During the initial consultation, Dr. Antunes will answer all your questions. He explains all different options, discusses your medications and medical history, and evaluates if you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty. Dr. Antunes will review the pre- and post-operative instructions, so you are better prepared for the procedure and post-procedure period.

2. Customized goal

Success in rhinoplasty ultimately comes down to a happy patient. From treating several patients, it is clear that there is no set aesthetic standard that can be applied to all patients. Dr. Antunes understands that every patient is different. People have their own unique anatomy, skin thickness and ethnic characteristics that need to be taken into consideration. This allows him to create a plan tailored to the patient’s wishes but always keeping realistic expectations. The goal is to create a nose that fits well with the other facial features. Dr. Antunes does not take the “one-size-fits-all” approach in rhinoplasty. Every patient will have an individualized plan.

3. Realistic expectations

It is extremely important for patients to maintain realistic expectations in terms of what can be achieved. Dr. Antunes will perform a thorough nasal exam and determine what can be achieved based on the patient’s anatomy. He will also perform computer imaging during the consultation. Visit our main Rhinoplasty page for details about computer imaging for rhinoplasty.

4. Attention to detail

Dr. Antunes recognizes that rhinoplasty is a “surgery of millimeters,” he therefore pays the utmost attention to every detail of the procedure. Dr. Antunes performs a series of measurements during the procedure and ensures all structural tissues are strong enough to endure the healing period.

5. Prevention of long-term problems

Dr. Antunes uses a surgical technique that preserves the cartilages of the nose, maintaining its structure. This precaution will prevent the nose from changing shape over the years as a result of skin contracture.

6. “Rapid recovery” measures

These include pre- and post-operative treatments and medications, as well as methods to avoid nasal packing (using tissue glues and dissolvable sutures instead) to minimize bruising and swelling. In addition, Dr. Antunes performs the dissection at a deeper level, where there are fewer blood vessels, which leads to less bruising and better results. Read this blog post in which Jen, an actual patient of Dr. Antunes, documents her rhinoplasty experience from consultation to recovery.

7. Ongoing experience

Dr. Antunes performs several rhinoplasty procedures each year and is the biggest critic of his work. Visit his online photo gallery for before-and-after photos of his rhinoplasty results in Austin.

If you’re interested in finding out how Dr. Antunes can enhance your appearance with rhinoplasty, contact us for a consultation or call (512) 288-8200.

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