FaceTime Facelift: Is FaceTime Leading to More BOTOX® and Fillers?

facelift austin, botox austinI was FaceTiming with my 4-year-old niece the other day talking about her school day in a sweet and innocent conversation.  While I was doing so, I became intensely focused on the contour of my lower eyelids, jawline, and neck.  Obviously, the camera angle makes a significant difference on how this contour can appear.  I can tell you from first-hand experience, holding my iPhone below eye level yields the least favorable view.  It is amazing what an incredible difference the camera angle can have as we raise it above eye level.  This made me think – has our increasingly more popular use of face-to-face social media apps, like FaceTime and Skype, been a driving force for adults to seek cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatments, like BOTOX® Cosmetic?

I think there is a definite correlation with face-to-face social media apps and the drive for the perfect selfie that have, at the very least, made us more aware of the sagging skin, double chins, and unwanted eyebags.  In my Austin plastic surgery practice, this has driven more patients to seek treatments like BOTOX and fillers as non-surgical treatment options.  Further, I have seen an increase in the number of neck lift and facelift procedures in Austin in a younger patient population as these changes are becoming more apparent to us at an earlier age.  This, I feel, is due to the increase in our use of technology to communicate via social media apps and smart phones.

Have you noticed that you deliberately alter the position of your phone to take the best ‘selfie’ or best profile when using FaceTime?  If so, please share it with us in a comment below.  We’d love to hear your tips for the best angle.

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