My Non-Negotiables When It Comes to Your Skin Health

Frequently, my patients, friends, family and even strangers ask me what should they be doing for their skin with regards to anti-aging skin care in Austin.  How do they prevent further aging? How do they reverse the signs of aging?  It is actually more straightforward than you may think- so here it goes…

1)  Growth Factors– Repair and Regenerate.  Growth factors have shown statistically significant improvements in skin radiance, skin smoothness, skin tone, fine lines and the overall photoaged appearance of the skin.  (Product Recommendation: TNS Essential Serum® or TNS Recovery Complex®)

2) Antioxidants– Prevent ongoing damage by decreasing the presence of damaging oxidants, decrease inflammation which protects the skin from the negative effects of UV light.  (Product Recommendation: Vitamin C+E Complex)

3) Retinols– Repair and Regenerate. Retinols decrease the thickness of the outmost later of skin, stimulate skin cell turnover, increase the collagen content of the skin giving the skin a more translucent appearance.  (Product Recommendation: Tri-Retinol Complex or Tri-Retinol Complex ESTM)

4) SPF (Sunblock/Sunscreen)- Prevent ongoing damage by blocking UV light so that there are no damaging effects of photoaging in our skin.  Thus, sunscreen helps to preserve collagen, elastin, and prevent hyperpigmentation promoting a healthier, more youthful appearance of our skin.  (Product Recommendation: TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer SPF 20TM, Daily Physical Defense SPF 30)

Ideally, everyone should have, at a bare minimum, TNS Essential Serum as part of your daily skin care regimen.  This is key to the reversal of the aging process.  We know this because there have been multiple clinical studies performed measuring multiple end points when it comes to the efficacy of this product.

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