Questions to Ask Your Austin Plastic Surgeon

Guide to Safe Surgery

Adopted from The American Society of Plastic Surgery.

In seeking Botox or filler, facelift, liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation in Austin or any other city, I feel it is important for patients to ask questions.   Many times, a patient does not know where to start with regards to questions for a medical professional.  I see this many times in my own family when my parents see their physicians or my sister takes my niece and nephew to their pediatrician.  Fortunately, the American Society of Plastic Surgery has created a Guide to Safe Plastic Surgery and has a list of some of the essential questions to ask you plastic surgeon before committing to a procedure or treatment.  If your surgeon or the office staff is uncomfortable in answering these questions, then seek a second opinion.  This is always a healthy option anyway.

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