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Neck Lift & Liposuction

Early signs of aging tend to be more noticeable in the neck than in other areas. Sagging skin and vertical neck bands—sometimes called a “turkey neck”—and the accumulation of unwanted fat are among the primary cosmetic concerns for both women and men. A neck lift performed at our Austin, TX, practice by Dr. Marcelo Antunes restores your neck’s youthful and attractive appearance.

Dr. Antunes is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon known for creating results that look natural. Dr. Antunes uses surgical techniques that minimize the invasiveness of neck lift and neck liposuction for a sleeker, more defined neck line.

Neck Lift or Neck Liposuction?

If you’re bothered by your neck’s appearance, one of these 2 procedures can help. When considering a neck lift, it is very important to understand how the aging process evolves. The skin gradually loses its elasticity and starts sagging, creating the loose flap of skin, or “turkey neck.” Neck muscles and ligaments also loosen, creating the deep vertical folds commonly known as neck banding. Additionally, fat deposits along the jaw and under the chin develop.

Liposuction of the neck, also called submental (below the chin) liposuction, does not address sagging skin or tissue, only the fat under the skin. In fact, liposuction on individuals with loose skin may make sagging worse. Individuals who still have firm, elastic skin are the ideal candidates for neck liposuction. Conditions such as double chins, fat in the jowls, poor definition of the neck or jaw are commonly solved with neck liposuction.

Your Neck Lift Procedure

A properly performed neck lift not only addresses excess skin but, most importantly, lifts and tightens the deep tissues and muscles of the neck. This gives you long-lasting results that look natural. Dr. Antunes takes great pride in his neck lifts and uses the specific technique needed to achieve a refined result: a combination that addresses skin, muscle and fat.

Neck lift surgery can be performed using local anesthesia, deep sedation/twilight sleep, or general anesthesia and usually takes about 2 hours.

Dr. Antunes typically makes an incision starting at the earlobe and extending behind the ear, ending in the posterior hairline. He sometimes makes a small incision under the chin. Any excess fat can then be removed or repositioned in the neck and jowl area for a more favorable contour. The neck muscle (also known as platysma muscle) is then tightened to preserve a toned and sculpted look of the neck, giving the patient a nice and sharp angle. Dr. Antunes then repositions the skin without any tension and trims it. The incisions stay hidden within the hairline.

Meet Dr. Antunes

Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Marcelo Antunes dedicates his practice exclusively to aesthetic procedures for the face. He can help you look your best and be confident in your appearance.

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Careful Preparation

Preparing for a neck lift requires detailed planning and a clear discussion of desired outcomes and expectations with Dr. Antunes. When considering a neck lift, a skilled and experienced surgeon, such as Dr. Antunes, will carefully examine the entire face and neck to determine what adjustments will provide the most natural and aesthetically appealing results. Dr. Antunes often combines a neck lift with a lower facelift to enhance the harmony of the result. The neck does not exist apart from the rest of the body and a properly done neck lift will be one that restores youth and beauty to one’s overall appearance.
Neck Lift Recovery

Immediately after the surgery you may have drains that remain in place overnight. A bandage is sometimes placed around the face and neck to improve the swelling and bruising. Most patients go home comfortably on the same day and do not experience much pain after surgery. You may experience some discomfort from the feeling of tightness, but there is minimal pain or discomfort during the first few days. Dr. Antunes provides specific instructions that include:

  • How to care for the surgical site and drains
  • How to use oral and topical medications to aid healing and reduce the potential for infection
  • Which specific concerns to look for at the surgical site or in your general health
  • When to follow up with Dr. Antunes

Recovery time ranges between 1 and 2 weeks on average and you can plan to return to work within that time frame. Dr. Antunes removes drains and bandages the following day. Expect some mild bruising, swelling, and tightness of the neck during the first few weeks. To minimize swelling, it is important to keep your head elevated above your heart and avoid excessive twisting or bending of the neck. Avoid icing the neck because this can compromise blood flow and impede healing.

Dr. Antunes will see you several times during the first 2 weeks after surgery and you will have direct access to him at all times. Many questions arise in the first 2 weeks following any surgery, and Dr. Antunes believes setting up a series of appointments for that time period alleviates any anxiety about the recovery process. His core objective is to provide a safe, comfortable surgical experience that produces your desired results.

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Your Neck Liposuction Procedure

If your skin retains most of its elasticity, then neck liposuction may be the best approach to removing unwanted fat from along the jawline and jowls. A “double chin” is one of the most common concerns we hear from patients. It’s often hereditary and men and women who are in good shape can still have a double chin. Neck liposuction, therefore, serves to restore a sleeker contour to the neck and overall body image.
When properly performed, neck liposuction can provide youthful, attractive and long-lasting results to the neck and lower face. This is an effective and extremely rewarding procedure, especially for those who retain stubborn fat beneath their chins despite having worked so hard to lose weight and remove fat from other parts of their. Individuals who undergo neck liposuction can enjoy an immediate improvement in their appearance and sense of confidence. Neck liposuction can remove fatty tissue to reveal a defined and more attractive jaw and neck line.

Dr. Antunes makes very small incisions on each side of the jaw and centrally below the chin when performing neck liposuction. He removes the fat just below the skin through a small thin tube, called a cannula. With the advances in technology and in the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon such as Dr. Antunes, today’s liposuction techniques minimize swelling, trauma, discomfort and recovery time. In some cases, Dr. Antunes re-injects the fat removed from the neck to add volume to other areas of the face.

Combined Procedures

Neck liposuction may be combined with other procedures, such as chin augmentation, neck lift, facelift or rhinoplasty to further enhance the contours of the neck and face.

Dr. Antunes takes great pride in the natural-looking results he creates for his patients. Request a consultation using the online form to meet personally with Dr. Antunes to discuss your concerns. You can also call The Piazza Center at (512) 288-8200 to schedule an appointment.