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Austin Plastic Surgeon Trains With European Breast Implant Specialist

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Dr. Rocco C. Piazza, an Austin plastic surgery specialist, visited Stockholm to train with renowned breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Charles Randquist.

Austin, Texas (October 2015) — Dr. Rocco C. Piazza, Austin plastic surgery specialist and founder of The Piazza Center (, recently returned from a trip to Stockholm, where he trained alongside renowned breast augmentation specialist Dr. Charles Randquist.

"Collaboration is such a wonderful way to learn and broaden your horizons," Dr. Piazza says. "That's what this trip was all about. I got to see firsthand some of the most innovative and interesting techniques with Dr. Randquist, and I'm excited that my own patients will benefit."

Dr. Piazza met with several of Dr. Randquist's patients and sat in on breast augmentation procedures.

Dr. Randquist is known throughout the world for his approach to breast augmentation, emphasizing the proper use and placement of anatomically shaped silicone implants. These implants differ from more common round implants because they are shaped like a teardrop, with more fullness at the bottom, to mimic the shape of a natural breast. This makes them a popular choice for women in search of a more discreet result, Dr. Piazza says.

"When most people think of breast implants, the image of a round implant comes to mind," he says. "That option is great for some of my breast augmentation patients in Austin. It offers a cleavage-forward look with more volume at the top. Then there are a lot of other patients who are looking for a boost in size without dramatically altering the shape of the breast. That's where the anatomically shaped implants come in."

Unlike round implants, which don't have a discernible top or bottom, anatomically shaped implants need to be placed so they don't rotate after surgery, Dr. Piazza says.

"This makes the surgical technique extremely important," he says. "Anatomically shaped implants are more popular in Europe, so Dr. Randquist has performed thousands of these procedures and perfected a pocket dissection technique that keeps the implants properly oriented. It was very impressive to watch him work."

Dr. Piazza has worked with anatomically shaped implants since their FDA approval in the U.S. in 2012, training on their use in Grand Rapids, Mich., with renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis C. Hammond.

During his training in Stockholm, Dr. Piazza took extensive notes on Dr. Randquist's technique, observing surgeries firsthand and expanding his practical knowledge to bring a "higher level of care" to his patients getting breast implants in Austin, TX.

"I have no doubt that the knowledge I gleaned in Sweden will benefit my patients here at home," he says. "Although trips like this are fun from a personal standpoint, it excites me professionally to bring new techniques back to Austin and offer more options to better serve my patients."

Dr. Piazza has built a reputation for his breast augmentation results at his practice. He says this is because of his highly detailed surgical planning that creates "consistent and predictable" outcomes, as well as less time in the operating room, which enhances patient comfort and safety.

Interested in learning how this approach to breast augmentation can serve you? Request a consultation with Dr. Piazza online, or call The Piazza Center at (512) 551-1067.

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