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Improve Your Skin Health Using Growth Factor Therapy

Foreskin in a bottle?  Okay…wait a second, now that I have your attention let’s talk growth factors.  Did you know that your body naturally produces growth factors to heal the skin?  Well, when you are a child and you scrape your knee your body heals itself within a matter of days.  One of the reasons it takes longer for us to heal quickly as we get older may actually be due to the decreased production of growth factors that are … Continue Reading

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The Wrinkle Avenger Strikes Again…

What is photo mapping, and what does it have to do with BOTOX at our Austin plastic surgery office? Well, if you are looking for reproducible and accurate results with each one of your BOTOX treatments then let’s talk about photo mapping. Photo mapping is done with a set of photos we take for you here in the office. These photos display you doing a variety of facial expressions to demonstrative active wrinkle lines that are seen best when we  … Continue Reading

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Breast Augmentation in Austin as a Graduation Gift

I recently met a young lady who desired breast augmentation in Austin.  This 18-year-old patient has struggled since she was in middle school with a very flat chest.  She explained to me that she had high hopes that her breasts would get bigger during her development in high school, but they did not.  This patient explained that she wanted to feel more feminine; she wanted to fill out her clothes without having to wear a significantly padded bra.   This has … Continue Reading

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Austin Breast Augmentation Sizing

Most women seeking breast augmentation in Austin come to my office with a very specific cup size desired in mind.  At our Austin plastic surgery center, we use cup size as a guide to determine how big of a change a patient is looking to achieve.  The problem with cup size is that it all depends on who is making the bra.  Rarely are two different bra manufacturers consistent with regards to cup size.  In my consultations for breast augmentation … Continue Reading

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The Differences Between Saline and Silicone Breast Implants in Austin

One of the most commonly asked questions by patients that desire breast augmentation at our Austin plastic surgery office is…”What is the difference between saline breast implants and silicone gel breast implants?” This video blog has been filmed in ordered to answer this question by demonstrating the differences between these two types of breast implants in Austin.  The most basic difference is with regard to the feel of the implant—and the best way to demonstrate this is to simply hold … Continue Reading

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